Quantum Healing with Chi Development.What lies within us all.

* Quantum Healing with Chi Development

Quantum Healing with Chi Development: This article is going to be packed with a lot of very important information for my Kyusho Jitsu students and followers. So please read to the end and share this one! Today I am going to address your health and Quantum Healing with Chi Development.

And I am going to take no prisoners in the article. I also encourage you to research the things I am going to say! 

But when you do your research make sure to stay away from Google and main stream media and platforms. 

This is because they have been bought and paid for years ago! Your health does not require any doctor of chemical from the medical industrial complex. The body is a perfect flawless creation that when taken care of heals itself, until the end of life comes. 

The more you interfere with this, the more issues you develop. Think about this for a while.

Quantum Healing with Chi Development - Take Charge of your Health!

The government has no business in your health of any kind of regulation therein. Why do I say that? Because there is so much corruption, especially in western government that all they want is MONEY and POWER, If you are Canadian and think your federal government care if you iive or die, you are a fool! 

If they DID care the lies they are telling you about mask and lockdowns would never have come to play! And do you know YOUR DOCTOR gets a kickback for a positive test? Just like he or she does for writing that opioid prescription for pain. 

Just like your government controlled school boards get kickbacks for saying your child has a learning disability. BULLSHIT. the education system has a teaching disability!

How many lies will you listen to until you stop believing the liar?

Your body has a DNA map to repair itself to its original state without interference. It simply need certain tool and conditions to do so. Yet the government and medical industrial complex along with Gates wants to alter your DNA with a vaccine for something with a non existent death rate. And people buy this garbage!

So how do you benefit from Quantum Healing with Chi Development? This is a way to view your health from a different angle. Now I am not saying to anyone with a chronic illness that has a PROVEN non invasive treatment that you should stop the medication.

But I am saying to add this information to what you are doing. And always realize the current system is about profit and not health.

First step is stress reduction! Meditation is the key to this. Even if it is only 10 minutes per day! Your brain is bombarded with thousands of message designed to program you in different directions. You MUST TAKE OUT THE TRASH!

When I stepped off the plane in Toronto in September 2020 my stress level went thought the roof. The vibration in this horrible communist country is so low. It sucks the life out of you! I had to focus on Kyusho and producing great content for you, plus meditation to fight this off.

Stepping off the plan in Bucharest is wonderful! A different world!

Next is building your CHI. I have a lot of great information this at my Chi Development Website. When you do this Chi work then Quantum Healing with Chi Development becomes logical and easy.

Quantum Healing with Chi Development - Diet and Exercise

This is a joke industry. Obsessive training, and obsessive dieting when moderation is always the KEY. Life is about moderation not excess! 

In my new course called Quantum Chi Healing Video Course I am going to break down all these areas. And it will be in massive details. I encourage you to visit the website and learn more. 

Quantum Healing with Chi Development in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

It is time to take control of your own destiny and health. Riches do not matter if your health is BAD. And today in the west all you need to do is look and you can see how unhealthy the population is. And there is a reason. It begins with trusting others, abdicating your responsibly for your own health to corrupted people. 

In closing I will make one statement. Would you trust Joe Biden babysit your child? Then why would you blindly trusting those profiting from your illness to be in charge of your health. Thank you for reading Quantum Healing with Chi Development.

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