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Well Rounded Martial Artists


Well Rounded Martial Artist

A Well Rounded Martial Artist

Ever aspect of training has a different purpose, therefore a well rounded Martial Artist looks at many different things.  The streets are very unpredictable, and in many countries violence is a big problem.  Are you actually prepared, or is it just your ego talking? Are you a well rounded martial artist?

Well Rounded Martial Artists - Learning Never Stops

The other day I got an email from a gentleman with 50 plus years in the martial arts. He wanted me to know how much he enjoyed my writings and courses. He was so very humble it inspired me.

WE need more of that, and less of the “I know it all."   This I know it all is far to prevalent in the industry.  

I never stop learning or looking for new information. I teach because I am good at communicating my message.

This is why I have done well in this field.

Well Rounded Martial Artists
Misconceptions about Gun Defense

Well Rounded Martial Artists - Adding to your System

We all have our root art. The more we expand it, add to it the better! But often times our egos get in the way, perhaps because the message does not agree with what we think we know so far.

Today the violence on the streets in many places in the world has become epidemic. Today we “just don’t go places” because they are dangerous all while thinking this is somehow OK. What this is, is an EPIC FAIL for our governments and politicians. But that is an entirely different topic.

There is much talk today about GUN violence. Especially in the USA. However the real TRUTH is knife, and bare hand violence trumps gun violence completely in the numbers! 

So this is the true root, the place where we need the most training. More people die of knife attacks than any other way! More people are beaten to death than shot.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Inn today's world we are very fortunate. Why? Because there is so much information at our fingertips and this gives us learning and development opportunities like never seen before!

Do you cross train? Tell me about the things you are training in HERE!

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Well Rounded Martial Artists - Kyusho Jitsu as cross training
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Well Rounded Martial Artists - Kyusho Jitsu as cross training
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