Right to Self Defense in the 21st Century

* Right to Self Defense

Right to Self Defense in the 21st Century: In the USA the right to bear arms or even DEFEND yourself is under serious attack, therefore so is the right to self defense! But this is a global issue also! And in reality this should be an unquestionable inalienable right everywhere. But alas it is NOT

It is never the things you know that get you in trouble, it is the things you think you know but do not! And if you are wrong in your view of self defense, like this picture above you could be in handcuffs.

You see, the governments do not want you to protect yourself. They want to protect you! Of course you have to give up rights like privacy to be protected! And you have been giving the right to privacy up on a daily basis for years now! No matter what the powers say. Things like the GDRP are prime example of this. And even the idea that I need a Privacy Policy here shows how much you are being watched. 

How does a government protect you? More surveillance, restricted rights and movement. Now i am not saying these measures need to be abandoned. I am saying they are a result of ulterior motives and not just "security." And these were the stepping stones toward the complete regulation of your Right to Self Defense. And we cannot have this happen or lose this right!

Right to Self Defense - Definition

In order to fully understand how your right to self defense is in jeopardy you first need to get  a deep understanding of what self defense means. 

"Self Defense or Self Defence is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm

The use of the right of self-defense as a legal justification for the use of force in times of danger is available in many places in the world but not everywhere."

* Right to Self Defense

Right to Self Defense - The Legal Definition is provided in the following links

Now from my research here the Right to Self Defense does not really exist in England. There is NO LAW I can find. It is purely up to the Judge in the court to decide. It falls under this catagory and ideal of "common law."

And the way things are in England I think it is safe to assume you must prove your innocence, and not that they must prove your GUILT. Here is an article that discussed the idea that to defend yourself in England is ILLEGAL. And when i come to violence,  England is ON FIRE with knife crimes. In 2017 there were almost 40,000 offenses! 

Right to Self Defense - Violations of Self Defense Laws

Kyusho Jitsu Pressure Point Self Defense

Because of the BIG movement world wide to the radical left great attention needs to be paid to any existing laws of self defense and any changes made to them.

Why is this? Because the left is about BIG government and this causes changes to be made to the system to justify it. 

When the state gains power, the individual loses power. So let's now get down to what I am talking about!

As a martial artists in any place in the world were you are allowed to protect yourself you can only use reasonable force. In Canada after the incident the police will decide if you meet the criteria by several investigate steps.

These are as follows.

1) Are there prior arrests for either party
2) Are there ANY weapons involved
3) Have injuries been sustained?
4) What actions lead up to the incident?
5) Is this domestic?
6) do the parties know each other prior to the incident?

As you can see this is not "black and white" but many shades of grey! What you think is "self defense" may in fact be viewed as a FIGHT and charges laid AGAINST YOU for assault!

Right to Self Defense - Reasonable Force

By law you can only use "reasonable force" to end ANY kind of attack. As stated in the video above. In order to accomplish this you must train to control your own emotional responses to the attack.

And the fact you are a trained martial artist will come out in court! Do not be so naive as to think you can hide this! Because of this training you will be expected to tow the line exactly the same as a police officer would be! Here is a LINK that explains "Reasonable Force"  by the Criminal Code of Canada.

Surveillance - Right to Self Defense in the 21st Century

Bight Brothere Right to Self Defense

Today "Big Brother" is watching! Everything we do today is seen by someone. This does have a few good aspects, but for 99% I am fully against this! However, at this point in time there is little to nothing you can do about it.

People walk around day and night videoing everything they see. And this can work both for you and against you in a court of law. Therefore understanding the Laws for Self Defense where you live cannot be overstated. 

Important Side Note:

Today with the ever increasing violence on the streets due to left wing/communist extremest groups like BLM and Antifa the problem grows. While these groups commit violent acts on citizens with imunity, defending yourself against them gets you arrested. Your must learn to fight back properly and safely. Not to help them, but for yourself!

Censorship is the proof! Communism is about censorship! Are you prepared. Chance Favors the Prepared Mind!

Things you MUST KNOW

Below is a list of things you MUST know in order to make sure you remain on the correct side of the law in the case of an attack. 

1) The LAW. What does it say where you are?
2) Reasonable force - Self Defense is NOT COMBAT and thinking it is will land you in jail!
3) Escalation. Seeing the warning sights of an impending attack. And being able to end the threat effectively.

You should be VERY concerned about Right to Self Defense. And this MUST be addressed with the clowns you call leader in government. Always remember they are YOUR EMPLOYEES and not kings. Protect Right to Self Defense in the 21st Century.

Right to Self Defense in the 21st Century in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In order to protect our rights, everything from Free Speech to Self Defense we must be vigilant and make sure we train in ways to always to be within the laws.

This will help to assure is right is never taken from. us. 

What are your experiences with self defense? Please tell us about them HERE.

Today in the western world, North America and the UK especially people who defend themselves in a LEGAL and LAWFUL manner are being arrested and charged with a CRIME while their attackers are set free! The corruption of the legal systems and the government is in plain view for all to see! 

This means it is time for a different view and practice of self defense! Grab the free video below and get started NOW! The longer you wait, the harder it will be!

Thank you for reading this important article on the Right to Self Defense in the 21st Century.

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Thank you for reading this article on the Right to Self Defense in the 21st Century. Once completely lost it will be very difficult to get back. 

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

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