HPPT and Nonlethal Force. How to stay out of jail!

* HPPT and Nonlethal Force

HPPT and Nonlethal Force: Most martial artists and their instructors live in a fantasy world when it comes to self defense. And I will say it once again! Self Defense is NOT MMA, ring fighting, street fighting or an ego trip. Thus, it is a serious matter, with serious consequences.

Most of all it is requires specialized training, and this training is not what 90 percent of the population think it is. Therefore with that in mind today I want to address HPPT and Nonlethal Force

So, what is HPPT? If you read this blog or follow me elsewhere you will know that stands for Humane Pressure Point Tactics.  Here is an article that will go into great details on Humane Pressure Point Tactics.

And there is on this blog at least a dozen articles on self defense. Most of all I mean directly on Self Defense. Important to note I have spent 30 years in search of what works, why it works and how to properly train for self defense. But oddly it is a subject few martial artists are interested in. People would write me asking question but only for the reason of "debate" on the subject.

Therefore after all these years I have no interest in debate. You either wish to learn or not. Both are correct ways to think. And I have nothing to prove. However with the current issues in the world today. The massive corruption that infiltrates every aspect or life, HPPT and Nonlethal Force are a talk we need to have.

HPPT and Nonlethal Force

Important to understand is that Self Defense has been under attack in the western cultures for a long time. I have written many articles on this. One such article "your right to self defense in the 21st century" being one. But I am not going to cover old ground. Follow the link if you are interested. I do need to discuss "Nonlethal Force" because making mistakes, especially today will get you locked away forever.

Aside from the fact that psychologically most people cannot live with the guilt of taking a human life, no matter how much they think they can!  Today you will not be judged by the "rule of law" but by who you used lethal force against and what you think politically. 

HPPT and Nonlethal Force - Let's look at what I mean

Back in spring 2020 the USA had massive politically based and paid for riots in democratic cities. These riots were called my MSM "mostly peaceful." I watch live underground video feeds while it was happening. There was NOTHING peaceful abut these protests.

Most of all these peaceful protesters today, who have committed acts of murder are walking free. And the terrorist organization BLM responsible for this has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Hence, I hope you see the playing field of self defense is NOT LEVEL.

And yesterday an article was featured in Time magazine stating the election in the USA was rigged and that this WAS OK! 

HPPT and Nonlethal Force

With the current move to communism in the west, and yes this is all communism, using lethal force will likely be a life sentence for you. And possibly a death sentence also as retribution will be allowed. You need special skills today!

Also other BIG issues that should be and once was a saving grace,  is video surveillance by the masses. Video was once a great way to show innocent. But editing now can turn a real self defense situation into murder. Special training skills are needed. And HPPT and Nonlethal Force is an example of this.

HPPT and Nonlethal Force in Conclusion

HPPT and Nonlethal Force CONCLUSION

People are very slowly waking up to the truth about 2020/2021/2022.

We have all be HAD. Life circumstances woke me up decades ago.

But as the masses see the lies and realize the clear and present danger we face today, you know it will take time before things get better.

As of the time of this writing the next 30 days are critical. Beyond that time recovery is decades. And beyond my life cycle. If you read this far I assume you are awake or waking up. I have been cryptic on purpose. 

Below I offer some critical learn possibilities. Some free, some come at a minimal price. Have a look, watch the videos and consider what I am saying. Thank you for reading HPPT and Nonlethal Force.

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