Pressure Point Ground Fighting. Yes Kyusho works on the ground!

* Pressure Point Ground Fighting

Pressure Point Ground Fighting: First I want to clarify the definition of ground fighting. It is NOT grappling exclusively. Any hands on martial art, versus a striking martial art is grappling. Therefore Aikido, Hapkido, Jujitsu are all grappling arts.

Ground fighting is when someone is taken to the ground for whatever the reason. And self defense rarely goes to the ground. However when two people decide to "fight" for whatever reason, these battles do often end up on the ground. And unlike "sport fighting" this must be ended and ended quickly before others become involved in the situation. 

You are NOT going to be applying holds and arm bars to win. That is SPORT. If I was witness to a friend being in a arm bar on the ground the attacker would feel just how deadly my kick is, with his head!! 

Never confuse SPORT with real life. That does not happen in sport. Sport and reality have zero to do with each other.

Pressure Point Ground Fighting

Do pressure points work on the ground? Yes they do! 100 percent! However the knowledge required for success is different than in a standing situation. Knockouts all work, pain pressure points work, and Dim Mak pressure points work. However this does require TRAINING and a different understanding of the theories and principles that are Kyusho Jitsu.

I have taught this in classes over the years, but not in seminars and certainly I have never done a video or books on it. But now I will. On or before January 1st 2022 I am going to release a detailed, fully illustrated book on Kyusho Jitsu Ground Fighting.

What will this entail? Yes I am going to be addressing not just Kyusho Jitsu theories but the application of these theories. This will be information you can use right away in your training. And that is important.

Back many years ago I saw a Tae Kwon Do stylist do a knockout while on his back. He did a nice job too! But he had no clue how or why it worked! He got lucky. But you need to be able to replicate the results predictably!

And that is why after all these years I am finally going to address this! Pressure Point Ground Fighting is important! 

Pressure Point Ground Fighting In Conclusion

Pressure Point Ground Fighting CONCLUSION

It is beyond the scope of an article to explain Pressure Point Ground Fighting. However the book will cover this completely. I believe this is important knowledge for all martial artisit to have.

And a good percent of the book comes from my Kosho Ryu training as my as my 2 decades of Kyusho Jitsu. 

Thank you for reading this article on Pressure Point Ground Fighting. 

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* Kyusho Jitsu Ground Fighting

Kyusho Jitsu Ground Fighting

Learn how to apply Kyusho Jitsu when an attack goes to the ground!

* Power of Kyusho Yin Yang Theory

Power of Kyusho Yin Yang Theory

All new eBook on the Power of Kyusho Yin Yang Theory and its deeper applications in martial arts

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