Kyusho Pressure Point Activation

Kyusho Pressure Point Activation

Kyusho Pressure Point Activation

Kyusho Pressure Point Activation - Heart Meridian

I was searching on Google today and saw the question about Kyusho Pressure Point Activation. So I decided it is a good time to address this one! 

What is a Pressure Point?

First I need to start here. What is a pressure point? A pressure point is a place on the body where a nerve come to an end, where it branches off in a "Y." Also where is "X's" another nerve.  The "old timers" called them nerve strikes. And I guess you can see why!

Kyusho Pressure Point Activation

When a pressure point is activated the associated meridian to the point is also activated. This can last anywhere from a few minutes to 20 minutes. Depending on if the pressure point is hit correctly, and with enough FORCE

The harder and cleaner you hit, the better the result! Note I said NOTHING about "light touch." I really don't know where people get the idea of "light touch."  When working with a partner you don't hit them hard, because they won't be able to continue if you do! 

Common sense!

Angle and Direction
Kyusho Pressure Point Activation

Kyusho Pressure Point Activation

Every pressure point is hit or attacked at a 45 degree angle.  I cannot in a single article address "direction" for every point because they are all in many ways different. However as an example LI-10 [Large Intestine 10] is hit "through" to the other side, at a 45 degree angle, using 2 Way Action.

What is 2 Way Action?

2 Way Action, also referred to as complex motion is the reason, the discovery that make the science of pressure point self defense work! Without a solid understanding of 2 Way Action none of this will be effective. But the great news is that this motion is natural, and once internalized becomes like breathing. 

Watch this video for exact details on 2 way Action!

The sound is a little bit "buzzy" due to lighting issues in the room. But it gets the point across well! 

Pressure Point Kyusho Study

There is a lot of information to learn in Kyusho Jitsu. Study skills become critical for success. This was one of the barriers I had to conquer when I began. I had been out of school a long time! This was the reason I wrote my first book, the Novice Kyusho Jitsu Certification Workbook. It was to help organize the study so my students would succeed!

Back last fall, once again in an attempt to help students learn and master Kyusho Jitsu, I began a new project. This is the BIGGEST project I have ever done and it is far from complete yet!

That is the Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu! You can read all about it from the link below!

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

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Kyusho Pressure Point Activation
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Kyusho Pressure Point Activation
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