Kyusho Vibrational Energy Transfer. What is it and how do you use it?

* Kyusho Vibrational Energy Transfer

Kyusho Vibrational Energy Transfer: I cannot believe I have never written an article on this principle! I have covered the other 14 principles in details, yet somehow I overlooked this one.

What is Kyusho Vibrational Energy Transfer?

Well today I will resolve this one. I did address this in my book the 15 Principles Plus One of Kyusho Jitsu however.

So today let get on with Vibrational Energy Transfer.

Have you ever seen an America Kenpo practitioner hit themselves as they are in the process of striking an opponent?  Some of them, especially those involved in Kyusho are aware of why they are doing it, some do not know.

Kyusho Vibrational Energy Transfer

Now I do not know the history of American Kenpo much beyond the average person whoever
the action they are doing has a purpose within Kyusho Jitsu. We call Vibrational Energy transfer.

Again, this is not a complex principle but does allow for you to “cheat” the technique and get the knockout very quickly.

The act of slapping yourself will allow you to pickup the energy of the element involved and
then to quickly release it with the next strike. Here is an example. You wish to do a very fast knockout at ST-05 but after striking metal you are not in good position to acquire the Wood element. Striking yourself at GB-24 as an example, then with the same hand moving up to ST-05 will yield a big result.

Kyusho Vibrational Energy Transfer

From an advanced level, you can even backtrack to Water, before you use the Fire strike or hit
Fire intensify that. Stacking multiple strikes on your own body, going back and forth will
increase the effect again even more! Plus, the harder you hit yourself, the more of that element you take with you. But this method does work in closely with Tempo so you cannot wait long between strikes are the energy will dissipate.

There is an easy way to test this out. Put a chest pad on your Uke. Strike the pad with medium
strength. Then do it again hitting yourself first. You will see a marked difference in the result.
You can also do this with the opposite hand, but it can lose its effectiveness, unless you also
incorporate the Principle of Yin and Yang as you are doing it!

There are many, many variations
of doing this principle. Below are a few examples of Kyusho Vibrational Energy Transfer. 

  1. Single hand
  2. Opposite hands
  3. Double hands combined with a kick

The list is really left to your imagination, the types of movements you do and some time
experimenting with it.

Kyusho Vibrational Energy Transfer - In Conclusion

Kyusho Vibrational Energy Transfer CONCLUSION

I am really not sure why it took me so long to address this principle.

Now my root art of Hapkido does not include this type of striking which is perhaps the reason. But try this out carefully with your Uke. 

Make sure as to always protect the Uke from injury or harm. I think you will really enjoy this the 15th Principle of Kyusho Jitsu and see its value to your study.

Thank you for reading Kyusho Vibrational Energy Transfer!


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