Kyusho Street Defense

Kyusho Street Defense

Kyusho Street Defense

There are some that believe that Kyusho Street Defense is a myth. That pressure points do not work, and never will. For them that is truth. I have no interest in convincing them otherwise.  There is actually a “type” of person who believes this.  Now I am not going to say they are narrow minded, but their life experience is often based on conflict.  They do things a certain way, and to them that is the only way.

Kyusho Street Defense - What Experts Say

If you talk with some self defense, or combat experts. The ones who have seen real action. Things you or I, the average person will never see, they will tell you pressure points work. As long as you have been really trained in them and not just exposed. 

Pressure Point Art of Self Defense

I know several police and military in both the USA and Canada who will attest to this. These men have seen real action, beyond what we can imagine.

Kyusho is a SYSTEM not a Martial Art

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Kyusho Jitsu is a system, not a martial art. This is where some confusions lies.  There are many who think otherwise, and so they denounce it.  That is like the old saying goes, like “throwing the baby out with the bath water. ”

If you are training in a solid martial art, or combat / self defense system, supplementing  it with Kyusho Jitsu will make it much more effective and give you a more predictable result.  Kyusho Jitsu, the science of pressure point self defense is PART of the self defense solution, not the solution itself!

Kyusho Street Defense - A well round martial art

The more well rounded your training is, not to go to crazy however, the more effective it will be.  Striking arts should add grappling to them. Grappling people need striking skills. Knife defense is important. I suggest if possible hand gun training. The more you learn the better! Kyusho Jitsu is a very important part of the entire picture of your training! Here is an IMPORTANT article on Knife Defense! Please read and share that post, it really is that important!

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

No matter what martial art root style you train in. And no matter what self defense / combat system you supplement with!

You can increase the effectiveness of your training dramatically by adding the science of pressure point self defense to it!

I have seen Kyusho Jitsu added to every martial art system imaginable including Krav Maga which is a very well respected combat system!

What system do you train in? Leave me a comment HERE and we can talk about it!

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Grand Master Art Mason
Kyusho Street Defense - How Pressure Points Work in Real Life
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What is Kyusho Street Defense? - Do Pressure Points Work in Real Life? Learn how pressure point self defense can be added to your martial arts now!
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