Healing with Pressure Points. Best methods to deal with injuries.

* Healing with Pressure Points

One of the oldest arts in the world is that of Healing with Pressure Points. I am sure everyone who will read this article is familiar with acupuncture. Perhaps you have even had some done yourself. I have on several occasions and the results were amazing.  In fact my Kyusho Jitsu teacher GM Dr. Steve Stewart is a doctor of acupuncture. I event took a course from him back in 2012 on healing. 

But that is really not what I am talking about here today. Today I want to examine how important healing is to Kyusho Jitsu. 

Healing with Pressure Points - Balance

The first thing I will mention here is that really success with the science of pressure point self defense means balance. When are are constantly activating pressure points and meridians on your training partner you are doing damage. The damage often times does not show right away either. It can take hours, days or even weeks to appear. 

If you take your training seriously this mean that a lot of emotional energy is put into your work. And that energy can at times be very negative too! Why this this? Because we are human and frustration comes in when we train. 

And since we are activating pressure point, some of which are important energy centers we leave traces of this negativity behind. Not to mention the negativity of the pain the Uki will experience.  Therefore for balance sake, we need to heal the partner or Uki

Healing with Pressure Points - The Uki

Keeping your training partner healthy is a must if you want him or her to continue to work with you. Over the years I have seen some very overzealous practitioners who others just do not wish to work with. Most people have to go to work the next day! Therefore fixing the damage you do is a must! 

Healing With Pressure Points - Knockouts

One of the most important aspects of healing is when we are dealing with Pressure Point Knockouts which can be dangerous if not understood. 

Now I have "pet peeve" when it comes to knockouts. And that is when people allow the training partner or Uki to FREE fall after the knockout. I have had arguments with Kyusho instructors about this. it is reckless and stupid to do this!

* SP-06 Healing with Pressure Points

If the Uki injuries themselves while in free fall you become negligent in the eyes of the law! Not to mention unneeded pain and suffer of your training partner!

Have spotters to CATCH the Uki as they fall!

The next step is to revive or resuscitate the Uki. There are 3 methods I teach in my Kyusho Home Study Course and I find these to be the best. There are others also. Here are the 3.

  1. Head
  2. Lung or breathing
  3. Heart

Bilateral Warning - Healing with Pressure Points

One thing with regard to Uki/training partners health. When you are activating pressure point stick to one side of the body. Do not strike one side to the other. This amplifies the effect and will cause issues down the road. Always be safe!

Healing with Pressure Points in Conclusion

Healing with Pressure Points Conclusion

Healing with pressure points should be a major part of your training.

And a major priority given to the well being of your training partner.

There is a lot to be said about all of this when working with an Uki, but it is just too much for one article. And thank you fro reading Healing with Pressure Points!

I also have an excellent Video Course on Healing Pressure Points you can checkout below.

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