Violence Rises in Dystopian Hell

Violence Rises in Dystopian Hell

* Violence Rises in Dystopian Hell

Update: This is an actual image from the RIOTS in the USA today! One person wrote e this would never happen in the USA and that I was "full of shit."  On with the article - I hope by now you are beginning to see how the narrative surrounding the current global medical "crisis" is falling apart. I know this understanding is pushing some of the most severely brainwashed off the deep end, but that is to be expected! So today I want to discuss the important issue of Violence Rises in Dystopian Hell,  because the powers that be don't care at all about the populations they pretend to represent.

Why the Rise in Crime?

Let's call a spade a spade shall we? The response to the current "medical emergency" is not in anyway proportional to the situation. In fact it is the worse possible response to it. But I think if you read my stuff we are like minded and see for yourself the real reasons for the current "lockdown" situation.

However "house arrest" and this IS HOUSE ARREST can and will cause many problems for those imprisoned. Then add the job losses and lack of social interaction you have a potential for massive issues with large numbers of people.

And there math proves me correct.

What is Quarantine? This is forced isolation to prevent the spreading of illness, usually no more than 40 days.  However the quarantine is used for sick people as well as those suspected of being sick.  As of the moment of this writing the current GLOBAL infection rate is 0.04179512987012987%

And we are lockeddown??? Do you see why this is a massive overreaction? 

Effect of Isolation and Poverty

* Violence Rises in Dystopian Hell

While this alleged "leaders" of the world are crying out "Greater Good" we need to look at the facts of the effect of isolation and poverty on people. So lets get down and so this!

I am providing a link here to explain this in detail. And with this liked article in mind how can anyone call what is being doing for the "greater good?"

I will however state there are few direct reasons for people now beginning to "lose their shit" in isolation, and this has increased violent crime dramatically. But look luck getting CNN to address this. Domestic violence is at unprecidented levels. 

Violence Rises in Dystopian Hell - Causes of Violence

1) Fear - The stress of fear causes people to make choices they would never make under normal circumstances, fear leads to anger and then lashing out at loved ones, and even strangers.
2) Poverty - Those who have lost their jobs for the "greater good" are worried about feeding their family and keeping their homes! The last statistic I saw was 30 million job losses in the USA alone, with more coming. Is there anything you would not do for your children? But for the Government feeding people is NOT the "Greater Good." Making them slaves of the state IS!
3) Depression - Isolation causes depression, add that we need sun light for proper body and mental health and you now have a time bomb. 

Do I really need to go further?

The Police will protect us?

If you are attacked don't wait for the police to save you! They are on important crimes like standing too close to someone and "wrong think" on Twitter! Plus when everyone hates them, why would they? Would you?

Let's not forget the idiots who want to defund them!

* Violence Rises in Dystopian Hell

When I look as violence rises in Dystopian hell I know that the police are out! They are busy stopping traffic to make sure the population carries some ridiculous piece of paper explaining where and why they are out. They are also hanging around parks arresting dangerous moms out with their infants. 

And let not forget making sure people are not standing too close together! Plus, and of course following up on "wrong think" on Social Media. These is important work! (sarcasm)

In Conclusion

violence in Dystopian hell CONCLUSION

With the rise of violence in Dystopian hell you need to re look at your self defense regiment. And I hope you have one!

And in today's moronic conditions you are likely to after being attacked, fined for not "social distancing" from your attacker.

I really do want to help. I have an excellent 4 Level Certification Course that will give you all the skills you need to deal with even this insanity! 

Plus my full support. Checkout below to learn more.  I hope you realize the great good has nothing to do wth the people. It is the great good of the state. 

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Violence Rises in Dystopian Hell - Causes in the Violent Crime Increase
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