Are Pressure Points Street Worthy? What makes this possible?

* Are Pressure Points Street Worthy?

Are Pressure Points Street Worthy? What makes this possible?

There is an old saying "everybody want to go to heaven but no wants to be dead." This paraphrased quote is from the movie Marked for Death, and was said by villain Screwface. But it is very true. Everyone wants the instant result, but no one wants to do the work.

And to answer the question quickly is both yes and no. it depends on the training. Let's take a deeper look.

The martial arts studied today are very different that 100 years ago. And as dangerous as these time are in the western cultures, the cultures of Japan, China and Korea to name a few were far different,  The west is interested in big shinny object, like winning in sporting events. A hundred years ago this was not an option. It was about survival.  And the masters of old lived lives of conflict. Today things are not the same.

Are Pressure Points Street Worthy?

Also what the master of old knew, and what they taught changed.  They stopped teaching the concepts and philosophies of their arts and focused on techniques. That was what people wanted. Plus as the arts became mainstream and children began to be taught arts were watered down for safety. 

Are Pressure Points Street Worthy? That depends on the practitioner and what they are training in. Pretty much all martial arts teach a reactionary system. This will make pressure point striking difficult.  Why? Because the attacker is leading the dance.

So why I am saying this now after 2 decades of Kyusho Jitsu? Because I did not realize the so many were practicing a reactionary system.  I have been training in a "preparatory" martial art system since 2001. Before I began my study of Kyusho Jitsu.

In a reactionary martial art you are taught "what to do." And that is very important. But you are not taught when to do it! And that is far more important! When you move "on time" you take the lead in the attack. Then because you understand "natural laws" you see patterns in movement, and this opens up the body for meridian strikes. 

Are Pressure Points Street Worthy? - It is about learning

Martial arts is not a destination.  It is about continued learning.  Most martial art systems today have curriculum for about 5 years tops. After this there is nothing to teach. So why do I have people still training in my system 20 years later? Because it is based on the preparatory martial art, Kosho Ryu it is a study.

A study of natural laws and motion. It is not about techniques or Kata. However they are also taught. But not for the purpose of making Gods out of them. But rather for learning and study.

When you move on time [timing], and understand distance pressure points present themselves.  You learn to project the Octagon on the body and see the "zig zag" pattern of body motion. Then you see openings. Plus the study of the 2 types of vision. This helps the student understand and overcome "tunnel" vision which comes from the adrenaline rush of attack. 

Are Pressure Points Street Worthy? - In Conclusion

Are Pressure Points Street Worthy? CONCLUSION

Now many will resist the idea their arts does not contain everything. If you look at Aikido as an example, which is a great art, what O'Sensei taught early in his life to students is different from what he taught later in his life. 

Rather than choosing a certain period which he taught would it not be better to study it all? 

What James Mitose taught in Hawaii in 1936 and beyond to men like William Chow and Thomas SH Young was not the same as he taught to Bruce Juchnik. 

It is foolish to think that any martial artist knows all. But the study, the learning is what matters. Are Pressure Points Street Worthy? Well if you add some of the natural laws of Kosho Ryu to your training they certainly can be! Below I will give you a chance to get a free 5 Lesson Kosho Mini Course!

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