HPPT Security & Privacy

HPPT Security & Privacy

HPPT Security & Privacy

What does the online world of privacy and security have to do with self defense? In this articled called HPPT Security & Privacy I am going to address this in depth.

Unfortunately most martial artist do not see the connection. And if they do they will think it is really not all that bad. In today's world of misinformation this can often be true of many things. But this is one of those areas where the threat has been underestimated. And this is why I am addressing HPPT Security & Privacy in a Fourth Level Humane Pressure Point Tactics Course.

Actually I am not telling everything I know, yet anyways. How do I know that people do not take this topic seriously?

By the number of people who subscribe to the mail list for the book on Security and Privacy, and the terrible eBook / video sales for Revelations in Online Security and Privacy. 

* HPPT Security & Privacy

HPPT Security & Privacy 

And I wish I could say that the bad sales are a surprise. But they aren't. I may need to go into the real world with this project. And I would prefer Dojo owners to do this and make some money on the side with new classes. HPPT Security & Privacy classes for parents would be wonderful. And this is a  natural lead in for the entire Humane Pressure Point Tactics Courses.

I have had some suggest I give the book and video Revelations in Online Security & Privacy away free. And I am not against that idea except for one thing.  Free does not have anything to do with implementation. I know this because all the Kyusho products I give away for free only about 20% of those people who get them use them.  

And when it comes to taking your life back, inertia, which is the tendency of an object at rest to remain at rest, is very strong.  Plus to continue the work in this area I do need resources. All proceeds from the sale of this eBook/Video go to continued development of the project.

Right now as of this writing this is about $28 after PayPal fees. Yeah that is 2 sales.


Under normal circumstances I would have "ditched" the idea and just refunded those who pre-ordered.  But this topic is just too important to do this.

Recently I heard my ex-wife say in a conversation with my son Scott,  that she does not care about her privacy.  I hope the reason she thinks this way is simply ignorance of what is happening and not truth.  I really hope is that she just does not understand or see the depth of the problem and not that she is so apathetic as to not care, Because she has Alexa, that 1000's of corporations, governments and hackers know everything about her including her medical issues and records. 

Or that any opinion she has contrary to the "narrative" today is on a permanent record with her name, date of birth, social insurance number, martial status, age, medical history, banking information, income, debts, shopping habits, pets names, exact location, sleeping schedules and political and religious views. And that  none of this data is encrypted or protected by any laws. Simply sold to anyone willing to pay, or anyone wishing to hack the piss poorly secured servers it is stored upon.

The truth is Facebook and Google know more about you, and your loved ones than you do yourself. When your teenager goes out with friends and you have no clue where they are, or what they are doing, if they carry a smart phone Facebook and Google know everything. As well as many other players.

 Are you OK with this?  

* Thought Police

You do not even need to have a Facebook account for Facebook to track you.  Plus police and government agencies now take this information and feed it to AI algorithms to predict the likelihood of anyone in the population committing a crime in the future.

Based on speech, and things they find of interest in life.  

Presumed GUILT with no crime having been committed.  Like the "thought police" knocking on your door in England because you "liked" or "shared" a "questionable" opinion on Twitter.

 All while knife crime in England sores in the illegal immigrate population of the country. A place where people are afraid to go out because the crime rate is now so high.

And this dystopian nightmare is nothing yet! Just wait to 5g is in full implementation

China is an experiment for the West

There is another conundrum in all this.  If people do not act soon and take control of the data they leak out to these companies and governments NOW it will becoming harder, if not impossible to do it in the future.  I can also hear it now too! The "government  needs to do something about this." WRONG, who do you think caused this problem? It began the day Bill Clinton make the internet public. 

We, each person needs to become responsible for what we do, and take back our privacy, stop the hemorrhaging of personal data from our devices. And today DATA, not OIL is the number one commodity in the world.  Data will become in this decade the world's first quadrillion dollar industry. 

But right now you can stop the bleeding of your personal information. And the more people that do this, the better EVERYONE'S privacy becomes.  Plus is won't cost you very much to get the job done. In the long run you will save money. But each passing day it becomes harder and harder to do. 

In Conclusion

Actually I am not telling everything I know, yet anyways. How do I know that people do not take this topic seriously? By the number of people who subscribe to the mail list for the book on Security and Privacy, and the terrible eBook / video sales for Revelations in Online Security and Privacy.  CONCLUSION

Revelations in Online Security and Privacy is a combination eBook/video course outlining in layman 's terms exactly what to do.

It is also a "living" work, which means as my research sees more problems in the wild and find solutions  to those problems the content is updated FREE of charge. 

ALL proceeds from the sale of this product also go back into research.

Follow the link for Revelations in Online Security & Privacy, read the page and watch the video.  Join me in helping change one of the most dangerous situation our world has faced in decades. You know if you don't act now you will not act later.  Please do not wait.

Thank you for your attention.

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Please realize your government does NOT care about your life or that of your family! They ONLY care about the current POWER GRAB and creating s surveillance dystopian state of control! You MUST take back your privacy before it is TOO LATE! ACT NOW!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

HPPT Security & Privacy - Why is this so Important to Self Defense?
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HPPT Security & Privacy - Why is this so Important to Self Defense?
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