Understanding Pressure Point Science. What is the best method?

Understanding Pressure Point Science

What do I mean by Understanding Pressure Point Science? First we need to define what science really is! It has nothing to do with main stream science today as this is no longer science but almost a religion! 


  • 1 n. The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.
  • 2 n. Such activities restricted to a class of natural phenomena.
  • 3 n. Such activities applied to an object of inquiry or study.
  • Understanding Pressure Point Science

    Recently TV star Neil degrasse Tyson made the comment "I am not a professional skeptic I am a scientist!"

    Well actually no, you are preacher because science is all about skepticism! 

    Neil degrasse Tyson is a SHILL

    Above is the real, correct meaning of the word. And today it is very important to use words with their correct meanings!

    Now the reason I bring up the above is because the science of pressure point self defense is all about asking questions, doing study and research. It is also about seeing what works and what does not work. And then looking for the results to be replicated with as high a percent as possible!

    This is what Understanding Pressure Point Science is about!

    Understanding Pressure Point Science

    There are many different levels of study when it comes to Kyusho Jitsu. As with any other kind of study. If you wish to advance you must do the work! For the beginners level there is a 10 Day Free Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course people can take. It is free for a reason! This gives the opportunity to try out real information and then see for themselves what works and what does not. 

    So how do I approach these teachings? I do so from a combination of eastern medicine and western medicine. Both side explain very well how things work, just from a different approach!

    What kinds of things do you learn in this Understanding Pressure Point Science? First there are 5 Basic/Novice Principles that are covered along with anatomy!

    You will develop a great understanding of how the human body works and how to disrupt its functions. 

    Understanding Pressure Point Science

    As you advanced you will develop skills in a total of 15 Principles! These 15 Principle of Kyusho Jitsu are the cornerstone of study and the path to understanding Pressure Point Science! 

    Understanding Pressure Point Science in Conclusion

    Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

    So what do we do in the science? The first step is to learn, and of course memorize the principles and other concepts.

    Next you take that information on to the Dojo training floor and begin to apply it! At first for most people this is a challenge. 

    Learning anything new is always a challenge! This is because at first we have doubts about what we are doing.  But over time these doubts will fade and your work will show progress!

    Also remember too, that is science is not a destination but a journey! This is something forgotten today! When you sincerely do the work, you will always get a result! Thank you for reading Understanding Pressure Point Science!

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    10 Best Pressure Points for Self Defense

    Follow the link below to learn more about the 10 Best Pressure Points for Self Defense Video Course! An amazing video course!

    The Quantum Kyusho Jitsu Project

    I am a fortunate man as I can focus on my passion full time. This allows me to explore and do real research that many cannot do because of job constrains, family and time.

    I do not fall into that category and can do what I love for a living.

    Quantum Kyusho Jitsu & Yin Yang Theories

    Therefore I often come up with and test new ideas and theories. And these lead to other ideas and theories.

    At first for me it was the idea of something I called Meridian Theory. The concept that you really did not have to focus on pressure points as much as you do the meridian pathways. Then with this understanding I began to add my study of the ancient secrets of the Octagon to it. 

    it was from here that the idea of Quantum Kyusho Jitsu was born! The first step was then to create a video to give people a basic understanding of the foundational theories of Quantum Kyusho Jitsu. This was released back in June 2018 to rave reviews! I even was asked to teach it at the Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp!

    You can learn more about the Introduction to Quantum Kyusho Jitsu from this link!

    Then one morning not too long ago I awoke with an idea, a theory. I began to make notes and the idea for Quantum Kyusho Jitsu 360 was born! 

    Quantum Kyusho Jitsu Project

    And thus begins a new leg of the journey of understanding Pressure Point Science I am calling the Quantum Kyusho Jitsu Project! Below are 2 links.

    The first will take you to the Quantum Kyusho Jitsu Project page where you can learn more and signup for a special mailing list with project updates. The second is to Quantum Kyusho Jitsu 360 with all the information on that all new upcoming video! This is truly a revolution in Kyusho Jitsu Study and Research! And this leads to an understanding Pressure Point Science. 

    High Level Kyusho Study

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    Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

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