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Kyusho Close Quarters Combat

Kyusho Close Quarters Combat

I will tell you from the beginning I am not a fan of the term "combat" when it comes to self defense. It in my mind can be somewhat misleading. The majority of people who will read this post are not military men and women. They are civilians like me. What is the difference? Combat is a different mindset. Self Defense another. But, for the sake of the way people view things, lets talk today to see if there are Kyusho Close Quarters Combat solutions.

For the get-go I will state emphatically YES, there are Kyusho Close Quarters Combat Solution. We also have to remember that in the science of pressure point self defense, Kyusho Jitsu is implemented into a martial art style or system to enhance it! So depending on the style you train in, will come the direct techniques to handle close quarters fighting. 

Now my root art is Hapkido, and so there is a lot of in close techniques we have for use in these kinds of situations. But today I am going to address a question I saw on Quora about Kyusho Close Quarters Combat. The question is "Which fighting style is best in enclosed spaces such as in buses or planes?"

​​​​​​​Kyusho Close Quarters Combat

My own personal experience teaching this comes from a law in Ontario which greatly restricts the right of self defense to "public servants." People in this category are teachers, firemen, civil servants, ambulance paramedics etc,etc.  In their great lack of knowledge, understanding and common sense and because of a fear of "law suites" the government of the province implemented a course called "non violence crisis intervention." 

Kyusho Close Quarters Combat

A patient turning violent inside an ambulance is one of the most dangerous situations a medic can face. They deal with many different potentially dangerous situations such as drug abuse and serious mental disorders. Are you in a similar job?

Humane Pressure Point Tactics offers real solutions!

Not only is this non violent crisis intervention total garbage, but it is dangerous to the defender! Yes I have seen the course! But someone, someday will get killed because of it! I can certainly understand the idea of reasonable force, but this is ridiculous! 

I was because of the program asked to teach a class of people who were in school to become paramedics. Now there is a "hole" in the law because when the patient is in the ambulance and turns violent the government regulation no longer applies! Therefore I was able to teach them "real" Kyusho Close Quarters Combat techniques to defend themselves.

This leads to the question, "what did I teach?" I taught them the Level One and Two Humane Pressure Point Tactics [H.P.P.T]

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Read the information below! Realize that self defense is not the package being sold to you in many instances today.

You need a solid root art systems and then other information and training to enhance your knowledge!

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a comment from here

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Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Kyusho Jitsu does not teach techniques. It does reference them, and demonstrate using them, however it assumes martial arts training. HPPT is different. This is a from the ground up training to handle the 3 main types or escalations of attacks. 

What are the "escalation" points I am referring to?

  1. Before a physical attack! Handling and hopefully deescalating a bad situation or disruptive person before things go bad. This includes preemptive measure to control the situation. All while remaining within the laws of self defense
  2. Dealing with thee situation once the attack as begun. This includes a grab or a punch. Close quarter self defense is naturally a part of this.
  3. High end self defense. This is when a weapon has been seen or introduced. I also teach skills to effectively deal with multiple attackers.

Back in 2010 I certified in all 3 Levels of Grand Master Steve Stewart's HPPT Courses. It is an amazing courses. However I have updated the information I have learn to deal with the ever changing situations of today's streets! 

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Kyusho Close Quarters Combat - Understanding Street Self Defense
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Kyusho Close Quarters Combat - Understanding Street Self Defense
There is much talk today about "combat" systems. Take a look at Kyusho Close Quarters Combat - Understanding Street Self Defense. Separate Fact from Fantasy
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