Pressure Point GV-22. What happens to the brain function?

* Pressure Point GV-22

Pressure Point GV-22: As I continue the series of pressure points of the body we now look at Pressure Point GV-22.

Here is an important link also to an article on the Governor Vessel. Very important to note here is that the Governor Vessel is the primary source of all Yang energy in the body.

Any strike on this meridian can be used to either drain or accelerate this energy within the body.

But now lets get to it!

Pressure Point GV-22

This pressure point is located 3 cun anterior to GV-20, 2 cun posterior to the anterior hairline. As you can see pictured above. This one is extremely powerful and can will cause temporary blindness.  That is a powerful aid in self defense.  Also to note that because of its location it is not difficult to target.

A solid strike with all cause disorientation, and massive brain dysfunction. A knockout is very likely, or at least staggering and confusion. It is not likely to cause a concussion because a concussion comes from the brain bouncing around in the skull. This is a strike here in the wrong direction. Pressure Points like TW-18 on the side of the head are more effective for this result. As an interesting side note helmets do NOT prevent concussion only bone damage to the skull. All head strikes are potentially deadly for many reasons.

Striking pressure point is a fast end to any attack. Pressure Point GV-22 is also one of the 36 Dim Mak Vital Points. A hammer fist using Two Way Action is the perfect tool to attack this point.

Pressure Point GV-22 - In Conclusion

Pressure Point GV-22 CONCLUSION

I do all these articles of different pressure points of the body so you will continue to learn. Learning should never stop.

Recently I had a comment from someone that one of the featured pressure points he felt was useless.  

Too bad he misses the point. Likely he does not understand how things work. Learning is essential for success. Thank you for reading this article on Pressure Point GV-22.


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