Why Chi Matters for your well being!

* Why Chi Matters for your well being!

Why Chi Matters for your well being! You will create in your environment the things you think about most, your predominate thoughts. And this is a proven idea.

I wrote an article on this years ago called the R.A.S Reticular Activation System.

Read the article, this will help you a lot! Understanding how your brain perceives its environment will help you too see HOW these "evil" people and media are programming you and how you feel. It all counts as to Why Chi Matters.

Then you can deprogram it! Have you noticed how some people are just always so negative? This is brainwashing that causes it. They can see the negative in any situation, and this has become who they are. I stay away from these kinds of people.

Why Chi Matters for your well being!

Personal development, along with understanding how the mind works is the way forward. And this can only be done for yourself, no one else. The idea anyone can save the world is just not true. We are all only responsible for ourselves for our lives. And then once we are sound we can help others.

My son Scott has one of the most focused and calm minds you will ever meet. And his BS meter works very well. He can detect BS from across the world. Back in 2017 he release a free paper on Chi Development. If you do not have this I do suggest getting it. Now he is almost done writing a new eBook, which you can print called the Complete Guide to Chi Development for the Novice.

Why is this important? Because Chi is your life force. Low Chi level cause logically low energy levels and eventual deterioration of health. And, this is important, your brain reads and understands Chi level from an unconscious point.

Therefore low Chi means you are more likely to be manipulated by others. In other words it is directly connected to your BS meter. One of the many reasons Why Chi Matters!

In Conclusion

Why Chi Matters for your well being! CONCLUSION

Main stream science [I call them Lei-ence], which mean science for profit says Chi does not exist.

Why? Because the cannot patent it, therefore they cannot make a profit from it. But, lets be honest, you should not be abdicating your health and well being to anyone. 

However that is the LIE they have been selling. Just turn on an TV channel and watch them push their DRUGS. Chemical dependence. And trillions for them while the masses suffer. ENOUGH!

Thank you for reading Why Chi Matters. Please do not ignore your development here. This is a reason we are in the state we are today. And with regard to this please read my article the Fall the of the West

Check out Scott's new eBook here.


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Complete Guide to Chi Development for Novices

Complete Guide to Chi Development 

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