Weaponizing Sound with Triple Warmer

Weaponizing Sound with Triple Warmer

Weaponizing Sound with Triple Warmer. I have written other articles on sound and its effects on the body. And I have written before about the Triple Warmer meridian and its power.

Today I am going to look at sound and Triple Warmer from a different point of view. How they related together and can be weaponized against anyone.

When you use sound in Kyusho Jitsu you are looking at specific sounds, done phonetically to weaken the related organ. 

But now we are going to examine the idea that language, normal speech has an effect on Triple Warmer and therefore self defense. Tell me, do you see in media that cause you a great emotional response? When before you may have just let it go?

Weaponizing Sound with Triple Warmer

Have you noticed, and I am sure you have the insanity today? People have been so several brainwashed by Facebook, Twitter and 24 hour news that they exist in a sever state of mental illness know as Cognitive Dissonance.  

You also have the media and politicians, plus "doctors" enable the serious mental illness of certain groups within society. As an example Justine Castro's law requiring compelled speech in regard to "pronouns" and this group. I will NOT say the group's name. But with a 46% plus suicide rate this is a crime against humanity. You NEVER enable mental illness. The result is ALWAYS dangerous. 

But you see in this case "words" will cause a violent response. Such as calling a her a him because of their illness. They explode with violence because of congative dissonance, which is tied to the Triple Warmer meridian. This is causing the overproduction of certain hormones resulting in the behavior.

This is a lot of grasp right? You are being manipulated to comply. And they attack you with more words because you respond. The cycle continues... You must understand Weaponizing Sound with Triple Warmer happens.

Weaponizing Sound with Triple Warmer

What is cognitive dissonance? This is a term for the state of discomfort felt when two or more modes of thought contradict each other. The clashing cognitions may include ideas, beliefs, or the knowledge that one has behaved in a certain way. 

Today paid for results science [or as I call it LIE-ence] is trying to downplay this. Why? Because they have been committing crimes against humanity which carries a death sentence after tribunals.  

Do NOT take this lightly! These ill person, of many different ideologies can explode in violence quickly! Think back on things you have seen in the last 3 years especially. They are all emotionally based! Thus Weaponizing Sound with Triple Warmer understanding is needed. 

Pressure Points?

Can this be overcome with pressure point strikes? The answer is both yes and no. You cannot FIX them with pressure points. The programming MUST be removed. However because of the overactive emotional states you can do great damage to the organs of the body with certain strikes. 

So how does this relate to Weaponizing Sound with Triple Warmer? You must become a master with words, at deescalation of the event. And while doing so move to escape the situation! And if while in escape you are pursued then strikes to the YIN aspects of the body as they are rotating to strike you. 

Yes this is complex! But so are the times!  Weaponizing Sound with Triple Warmer is a must understand in Kyusho Jitsu!

In Conclusion

Weaponizing Sound with Triple Warmer CONCLUSION

The days and the idea of standing and fighting are over. If you do this and begin to be victorious you risk others joining in and changing the demographic.

Plus self defense and the right to self defense are quickly disappearing in the political prejudice of the times. God is now considered evil and evil good.

Escape must become the first options for all altercations, and then if required doing damage to the pressure points systems of the body. But most importantly learning to MASK or strike covertly to avoid notice.

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