The Conflict Zone. What makes Pressure Point Self Defense Work?

The Conflict Zone

The Conflict Zone. What makes Pressure Point Self Defense work on the streets? Especially on today's streets of ultra violence and uncontrolled mental illness.

As I taught many years ago in my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Courses you never want to stand and fight within  "the conflict zone." And yet this what is taught in the majority of Dojo's around the world.

That is fine for beginners, but it must be evolved. Angles are everything in the martial arts and street defense.

Importantly the teachings of the Octagon are all about angles. And about never being in the conflict zone where the attacker can control and play off your energy. Also as you know, or at least I hope you do know, striking pressure points requires the correct ANGLE and direction.

Most important to understand is that this is not available in the conflict zone. And you are too busy defending against the attack to think of striking effectively. And NEVER mistake demonstration waza for real life!

The Conflict Zone

When you understand that you never remain still, stand and fight. And you must exit the conflict zone as soon as the attacker moves to launch his first punch you. Then you are on the right track. Now at first you must move a lot, make big motions.

Because like everything else angular movement within the Octagon requires training.

And this also causes something else to happen. You no longer seek to strike the opponent. The opponents motion cause him or her to walk into the strike. Therefore you are not violating the laws of body mechanics. Bad body mechanics is a ver fast way to defeat!

In order to strike pressure points effectively on the move must have a solid understand of the principles of Kyusho Jitsu, and also movement within the Octagon. There is a FREE course here you can begin to learn about this study. 

Below is a video sample from my course called Pressure Points of Kosho Ryu.

This is some of the oldest and most powerful pressure point knowledge you will ever encounter. 

In Conclusion

The Conflict Zone CONCLUSION

Kosho Ryu dates back in its basic current for to 1235.  And can be traced back to the 600's. Here is a page with the History of Kosho Ryu here.

One very important FACT about Kosho Ryu is that it was never taken to sport. Therefore pressure points and their understanding were not take from the art in order to teach children, or follow rules.

That is very powerful. There will be a link below to the course I am referring to in the video if this is of interest to you!


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