Old Man in the Mountains. A Life of Inner Peace

* Old Man in the Mountains

Old Man in the Mountains. A Life of Inner Peace:

So today I want to give everyone an update from the Old Man in the Mountains as to what is happening in not only in Kyusho but my martial art teaching in general.

Most of all our world is a very different place than it was about 40 years ago when I began my martial art journey. And it is certainly different than it was 8 years ago when the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance was founded.

Old Man in the Mountains

Firstly I will not disclose my exact location to anyone, let's just say I am happy to be where I belong. I have much work to do! And it will take years to accomplish, which I love. And I am blessed to have a great team, my pack, to this all done. 

Back on August 11th 2015 I renounced the world and moved with one of my boys to East Europe. This was the best thing I ever did!  After raising kids, working for other people to provide for them I think I am well entitled to enjoy my "senior" years without the BS Communist Canada brings to the table. Canada is the perfect example of instanity as they continue to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Then when they fail they are stupid enough to look to a government, the ones that have lied to them all their lives, for answers. Morons.....

Old Man in the Mountains

And not to mention the non stop drama. (and this move caused a lot of drama with with former students and friends). Importantly I had dedicated my life to my family, and now as they are all grown I should be allowed to live my life. And all my family is always welcome to join me. 

There are many great things coming to the world in the future. So how do I know this?

Because I pay attention and I am awake. Most people, the masses are still fast asleep believing all the lies presented to them. They will even fight to protect these lies and the liars.

Hence this is called Stockholm Syndrome. I once had Stockholm Syndrome linked to a  complete definition but the FASCIST tech companies won't allow the link now. Talk about Nazi ideologies!

It is both kinda funny and pathetic at the same time. I have no right or interest on imposing my views on others. So I just keep quiet. Life is better that way. I love being the Old Man in the Mountains.

Old Man in the Mountains on Social Media.

* Old Man in the Mountains

The reason for this article actually is because of a comment from a man this a while back because I deleted all my videos I had made on YouTube. Actually I deleted the videos from my old school channel also.

All things "old man in the mountains" are gone from YouTube. Why? Because Google / YouTube are a corrupt company pushing lies to the public, fear mongering and censoring. I just cannot support them making money on my content, when I am denied doing the same.

Therefore when a company pushes an agenda that causes harm to people this is a company that should not be supported. And I will not support them. I being a consumer have all the power to chose what I do with my money. Most of all these companies believe they have control. This is a lie, they do not have any control unless we give it to them.

Old Man in the Mountains

Therefore I cannot in good conscious allow my content to be used to make them any money and feed this demon. And the only way to beat them is to bankrupt them. This is the power of the free market! When I did this someone commented "do you really thin what you do will make a difference." 

People this pathetic attitude is why the world is how ii is. It is called APATHY.

Sadly a while back I also received a scathing comment here from a former student. And from someone who I stood up for countless times and support him in his darkest times. He gossips like a child about me, knowing nothing about my life. Very sad. Therefore you must remove people who do not want the best for you from your life. People love to assume they know your circumstances when in truth they know nothing.

Old Man in the Mountains - Future of my teachings

Very importantly while I will always be involved in Kyusho Jitsu because I love the study, I have expanded what I am doing. My root art of Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido was founded by myself and my boys in 2006 with the World Budo Alliance. It was founded based on Kul Sul Hapkido, Pressure Points and the Natural Laws of Kosho Ryu. Kosho Ryu is the foundation of my root art.

This is what I often refer to ask Octagon training, however it is much more than this. It is actually a complete martial art. You can read more about this in a course I am creating called Kosho Core Concepts Series here. There are several other video courses and books available too. I am the Old Man in the Mountains.

Wolf's Den Dojo - Old Man in the Mountains

* Wolf's Den Dojo

I am also very soon going to build a private Dojo. What I means is this is not going to be a public facing Dojo open to the general public. It will be on the same property as my Wolf's Den Dog Rescue. You can read more about the Wolf's Den Dojo and the program offered here at the Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts website. 

What I will be teaching at this Dojo is Kosho Ryu. I have been working hard now for months as I reconnect, and continue to learn this very important ancient martial art that can be traced back to 1235.

And also give back to doggies and my love for them. We will never have peace among men when we cannot respect dogs and other animals.

Old Man in the Mountains in Conclusion

Man in the Mountains CONCLUSION

There is an old saying, "if you do not stand for something you fall for everything."

Martial Arts training, because when taught and studied correctly is a trinity of Body - Mind - Spirit. This is a positive energy which teaching can change the world

And in 2024 I do plan on a seminar in Brasov Romania. It is called the Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp. These seminars will be used for feeding the Wolf's Den Dojo and those interested in training with me personally.

Thank you for reading this article called Old Man in the Mountains.

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