No Touch Knockout Controversy. Why is there violent opposition?

* No Touch Knockout Controversy

No Touch Knockout Controversy: This is perhaps the most controversial subject in the martial arts, and the subject that has led to the ridicule of Grand Master George Dillman. And I myself have been attacked over the subject. But this is a waste of time as the opinion of others are meaningless to me, and I do not respond. So if you are a hatter of the the No Touch Knockout Controversy click on this link. It will save you some stress. I am not going to state it is real or it is not real in thus article.

I am only going to address the subject. You can decide for yourself beyond this.

Personally this subject is of little interest to me. My focus is on making things work on the street, not for show. And I honestly see no street application here. I am not saying it is not possible, just not plausible. I have written on book on the subject and 3 video courses. But this was from demand to learn, not my own interest. And my new book Complete Kyusho Jitsu Learning Guide includes this topic. 

No Touch Knockout Controversy

So, how does this all work? First this was discovered by accident. And it does not work on everyone.  And from the work I have done on the subject is tied to the Chi levels of the Uke, and whether the aura defends itself when it feels attacked. I myself have not experienced being "no touched." But I am also hard to knockout to begin with.

And the basic no touch knockout is done by driving energy through the brain and the nervous system on an angle, and then splitting this energy. This causes the brain to become confused and a pass-out is often the result. Sometimes it can be just dizziness. 

However caution is needed!

No Touch Knockout Controversy - Caution

Most important to note is that I have seen this phenomenon go bad in practice. The first time was a close friend and colleague who was ill afterwards for about 6 months. The reason was that other principles, sound and emotion were brought into play. 

And the second ended up in respiratory failure and almost death. Now I am going to be honest. Believe what I am saying or not, it is up to you. I am NOT trying to convince anyone of anything. 

And to my thinking this No Touch Knockout Controversy is unnecessary. Why? Because when I look at the world today, and the lack of people being open minded and are willing to look at a world of possibilities, I cannot be surprised so many attack the No Touch. Therefore an open minded person might dismiss it, because they have no interest.  But when something is attacked, then you know there is truth in what is being said. Life is best lived with an open mind. 

In Conclusion

No Touch Knockout Controversy CONCLUSION

Most of all, as I have said if you are interested, then you can pursue the teaching from me or another. If not that is cool also.

Therefore remember, as Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

It is always good to study and research into things you do not understand. 

When your mind is open to possibility, your world becomes far more meaningful.


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