Kyusho Meridian Theory. How to turn Mistakes to Victories

* Kyusho Meridian Theory

Kyusho Meridian Theory. How to turn Mistakes to Victories. Imagine not having to be accurate when targeting a pressure point. Is this possible?

Kyusho Jitsu or pressure point study is primarily an intellectual study that assumes you are a trained martial artist.

 I do not teach people the basics of motion for the most part. However Kyusho Meridian Theory is different. 

Once the basic understanding is made then the body needs to positioned to make the meridians vulnerable. And they are not vulnerable when you might expect. Also to access them you need to train to move on time and to the correct angle.

This is not as hard as you might think. However, once again this is something you have to train. And in our current broken society work, hard work is not well viewed. People want things NOW. But life does not work that way. 

Training Kyusho Meridian Theory

One way to see what I am talking about in action is to have your Uke stand with their arm outstretched. Also have the arm centered within the body. Now strike a pressure point like LI-10 or perhaps lung 5 or 6. Note the effect.

Let your Ike heal for a few minutes. Next have the Uke do the same thing but with the arm sticking straight out to the side. Repeat the test on the pressure point. You will notice a much more amplified effect.

And once again allow the Uke some time to heal. Now stretch the arm to the side, and if possible have someone pull the arm to stretch it more. This time strike the "area" of the pressure point, not directly on it. Note the increase inresults.

Most of all if you do this correctly the results will be off the chart, and you missed the pressure point. This is the basis of Kyusho meridian theory. Pretty cool eh?

Movement is Required in Kyusho Meridian Theory

Now I have not approached or really focused Kyusho Jitsu teachings on the student movements within their art. And from the standpoint of pure Kyusho Jitsu training I really do not need to. However I am making an assumption that you train continuously and correctly.

Now after all the teachings in pressure points I have made available, I am going to begin to teach in earnest how to move and when to move to be effective. And this includes times when perhaps you might miss the pressure point and can therefore take advantage of Kyusho Meridian Theory. 

Most of all I have a book that details this topic for Kyusho Jitsu students. It is called Kosho Book of Q-Sho. Have a look and see if this might be for you. 

Kyusho Meridian Theory In Conclusion

Kyusho Meridian Theory CONCLUSION

I just wrote an article about Kosho Ryu at the World Budo Alliance Blog called "An Old Man's Martial Art."

Have a read of it and see what you think. If you prefer video over reading I also have a new Kosho course called an Introduction to Kosho Ryu.

Thank you taking time to read Kyusho Meridian Theory.

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