What is the Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection?

* Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection

What is the Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection? I have discussed this once before, and the article was called Hapkido Kyusho Jitsu Connection.  

This article began the process. And today I am going to finish it. Back in 2006 I registered a new martial art. An eclectic version of my original root art of Kuk Sul Hapkido.

Why did I do this? It was not for glory, or for rank. It was because what I was learning, and what I was teaching had evolved, changed to much.

And the reason was not Kyusho Jitsu! Kyusho is not a martial art. It is a system of learning about the neurological systems of the body, and then exploiting the bodies weakness. The reason was Kosho Shorei Ryu

Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection

Kosho has a deep connection to Kyusho. Actually the connection is to Dim Mak which is the mother of Kyusho Jitsu. My first experience with pressure points was when my first Kosho Ryu teacher Shidoshi Buchan did a knockout on ST-01. 

Shidoshi did this after a seminar, while we were having some discussions (Bunkai) about the depth of study that is involved with Kosho.

This was my first look at the Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection.

Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection

Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection: I integrated everything I learned about Kosho into my root art. We gutted our self defense systems and rebuilt them based on Kosho. I began my journey of Kyusho Jitsu during this time with Grand Master Steve Stewart. But as I was learning Kyusho, and adding pressure points to our self defense something magic happened. 

If I did the self defense from a Hapkido standpoint and added Kyusho I got a result that was decent. Depending on my Uke it sometimes worked, sometime did not. But if I did Kyusho from the Kosho Ryu, Natural Laws and the Octagon it ALWAYS WORKED

But at the time I was very focused on developing my teaching of Hapkido and Kyusho. I taught Octagon as part of my root art. Not as part of Kosho Ryu. Today I am viewing things in a different light.

Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection

Kosho has pressure point study built into it. It is not something separate being added back in because it was missing. Upon my re-dedication to the study of Kosho Ryu I discovered this. Right now I am doing an intensive study of everything Hanshi Juchnik offers on the subject of Kosho Ryu. But no longer for the purpose of adding it to my root art.

But for the purpose of sharing it with the world. And this is important because Kosho is a complete martial art system. And today there are very few left. 

However with one difference. I am adding the intensive pressure point study to it! And I do this because I can. This will take the student to unbelievable level of precision also.

Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection - Kosho Ryu

Kosho is a complete martial art. But anything static dies. Today many martial arts systems are no longer growing, developing.

This is a reason or for the high attrition rates especially with Black Belts. They get bored because learning stops.

MMA has a lifespan of, on average 18 months. The turn over is incredible. I have had students for over 20 years, and they are still learning.

Secrets of the Octagon

And to be honest Kosho was a major player in my retention rate. which is an important part of the Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection. 

Back a few years ago I began offering a Beginners Octagon Course. And this really is a beginners course. Octagon basics. It became very popular and so I added an advanced course. It is at about a brown belt level.  However, first I wrote a book on the subject, a book with a heavy Kyusho influence. 

I was asked to do a masters course, but decided instead to discontinue the beginners and advanced courses, and do it right. This has lead to the coming Kosho Shorie Ryu Instructor Course. I have also released a Mastering the Octagon book, which in many ways is an introduction to this course. 

If you are interested in the Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection have a look.

Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection in Conclusion

Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection CONCLUSION

I spend several hours per day in study of Kosho right now. And it has been great. I learned a tremendous amount from Shidoshi Buchan and I am thrilled to continue.  

I believe it is time to bring back the traditional teachings. But not as something static. Something growing.

I hope you will consider joining me on this journey. Kosho will be my featured teachings at this time. And you do not teach Kosho without pressure points. Checkout my Wolf's Den Dojo Project if you have a moment. 

This is going to be an old world Dojo, taught in the old ways. It will not be open to public, nor will someone be able to drop in to see what I am doing there. It will be located in the mountains, far from any city. 

Thank you for reading Kyusho Kosho Ryu Connection.

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