Kyusho believing is Seeing. Begin with the end in Mind.

* Kyusho believing is Seeing

Kyusho believing is Seeing. Begin with the end in Mind. Today I am starting this article with a quote from the book 7 Habits of highly Effective People. Habit #1 - "Begin with the end in mind." And the reason I am addressing this today in regard to Kyusho Jitsu is the understanding of INTENT. People really do not get it!

Today I had a conversation with someone about some upcoming changes in our world.  And while I have many excellent sources for information on many topics I rarely disclose anything. The reason? The reply is most often "lets see what happens." 

And this is a programmed response, brainwashed response, based on disappointments and indoctrination of the the Western Cultures systems. And with Kyusho Jitsu training, or ANYTHING in life this is the wrong approach. With Kyusho believing is Seeing. That is the concept of INTENT.

Kyusho believing is Seeing

What is INTENT? Intent is seeing the result you are seeking before you do the work to obtain the result. The breakdown is as follows.

  • Desire to accomplish something. As an example a pressure point knockout.
  • Do the work to learn the things you need to know to make the desire happen. This with Kyusho Jitsu includes information about the pressure points and training to be able to hit the points correctly based on the information.
  • Leave the EGO at home and DO IT.

Yes you may fail! Awesome! Analyze what you did, see where the errors are and correct the errors. Rinse and repeat! Do NOT be like a majority who fail at doing something and begin the lies as to why it did not work. You can call them excuses if you like. But I call them lies. Excuses are lies to the self.

There are many martial artists in the world who are either to lazy, to egotistical or too stupid to make Kyusho work. However those who do the work always succeed with time. This formula also applies to anything in life you want to do, have to accomplish, as long as it is not ridiculous. Today when people do not get what they want they carry on like 2 years having a tantrum and calling the world unfair. LOSERS.

An example of ridiculous is me at 5'9" and my age thinking I am going to be a pro basketball player. People like this are just idiots. You cannot fix stupid. Do I seem harsh? I am because it needs to be said. Truth brings strength.

Kyusho believing is Seeing, wanna see the result? Believe it first! 

Kyusho believing is Seeing - In Conclusion

Kyusho believing is Seeing CONCLUSION

All this being said the point of this article is the beginning of the path. Begin with the end in Mind. Then do the work.

You will succeed with Kyusho Jitsu or anything else you want to accomplish. And it is hard work, but hard work is good for you!

No excuses, deal with it!

And do not get discouraged when things do not go right. That is normal. You fail everyday and you are only a failure when you give up and quit!

Thank you for taking time to read Kyusho believing is Seeing.


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