Kosho is an Awakening. What is the path of the mind?

Kosho is an Awakening

Kosho is an Awakening.  My biggest strong suite is I have a deep thirst to learn. And over the years in the arts I have come realization that when someone tells me they "have it" or "understand it" this means they DO NOT. That is a pure function of ego talking.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is "I am the wisest man in the world because I know I know nothing" from Socrates. And in today's culture of 'experts' you see this truth. I have never met an expert in my life.

Many who "claim" to be, but are only egotists.

When I learn I share. But in this world it cannot be done totally FREE. And honestly 99 percent of the people who take me up on the free products do nothing with the information. Which is fine, I get to weed out "students" from "experts" this way. I continue my martial arts education every day. But not via the "free" route. Free is a test drive. To see if the information FITS the result you seek. No "skin in the game" no results will be found.

Kosho is an Awakening

I watch, observe the martial arts world around me, especially the Kyusho Jitsu world and see some interesting things. Many BIG egos here. And some really BAD technique. Many "experts" have abandoned the core teachings of Kyusho because they think they have found another way, a better way. And while they are talented, a lot of their students are very substandard in comparison. And that is not good.

People, martial arts people, praise the masters of old, yet believe they have a better path. I find that funny. I love the old ways, and this is how I teach everything! And why? Because it works. I am not interested in attention to me. But I am that those who wish to learn, truly learn too. Not talk about it.

A great example is the use of Kyusho Jitsu. pressure points on the street. And maybe about a year ago Hanshi Juchnik enlightened me on the subject. Kyusho Jitsu is a study, and a wonderful study. But the application offered by most does not work. PERIOD. Why? Because you are doing things to the attacker that will then make it easier for them to do serious damage to you! You are taking on MASS. Martial Artists believe that their speed and power can overcome this. But that is FOOLISH. It is NOT ABOUT YOU but rather about what the attacker is going to do. Thus Kosho is an Awakening!

Kosho is an Awakening

The way things are taught today is like in the Matrix with Neo bending to dodge bullets. ONLY in the Matrix movie will that work. Not in real life. When you learn the proper concepts for pressure point use on the streets, train and apply this knowledge then you WILL be successful. And you will keep getting better as you get older. But the clock is ticking for us all. Training is calling. Kosho is an Awakening to the truth of training and learning.

Also when I create a course I often update them. If I learn something new, and I do everyday, if it is pertinent I add it to the course FREE. Not like software when you pay for an update. My course Advanced Kosho Concepts: Pressure Points of Kosho is the course that teaches for the STREET. And this summer I have add to it twice.

In Conclusion - Kosho is an Awakening

Kosho is an Awakening CONCLUSION

Kosho is an Awakening. This Kosho enlightenment came directly from Hanshi Juchnik. And I am deeply grateful for this.

The world is in turmoil like never before in history. And I believe martial arts, especially the art of Escape, the art of Peace, Kosho Ryu is the way forward. Kosho Concepts: Pressure Points of Kosho Ryu is part of the Advanced Kosho Core Concepts Series.

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