Classifications of Attack. How to Respond Correctly

* Classifications of Attack

Classifications of Attack: How to respond correctly in a street self defense situation? People have only 2 arms, 2 hands, 2 legs and a brain [brain seems optional today]. Therefore they are only so many ways in which a person can attack another person. 

However in the martial arts world often times instructors with big ego scare the students into believing that this is more complicated than it really is. Plus we have sport. Sport is the self esteem killer. Also sport vs reality is like an ice hockey player trying to skate on a football field. 

Hence sport in martial art in a small box. Where ONLY physical fitness and youth matter. Either you have the guts for it or you do not. This is martial arts through tunnel vision only seeing what they want you to see. Yet the propaganda of our failed culture tells you it is all.

Classifications of Attack

What are the classifications of attack? Understanding and studying this is how you can learn to successful handle bad situations. But notice the word "study." If you do not study and train for this you will not be successful. And I hope you would not end up like so many of the failures in the arts, like the bullshido clowns, who attack everything they are too lazy to train in. I do not read what they write for the same reasons I do not drink from the toilet. And I have been featured a few times. But there opinion of me is non of my business. And those who believe them I do not want for students anyways. These people are not critical thinkers

There are 3 Classifications of Attack
  • Push
  • Grab
  • Punch

That is all! Someone who wishes to do you harm will either push you, grab you or punch you. There are no other options. They may do a combination of these also. And someone with a knife of other weapon falls under punch. This is a Kyusho Jitsu / Pressure Point Novice understanding. However it goes far deeper than this.

Classifications of Attack - Taught Wrong on Purpose

The problem in the martial arts world is what is being taught today is far from complete. Because of commercialization, and I have no issue with commercialization, people view martial art training as an activity or a sport. Most operating schools have content to teach for maybe 3-5 years and then run out of information.

Students learn 6 blocks, a few kicks and punches, a couple of Kata and suddenly are enlightened. I was no different myself. 

A student is taught techniques called "One Step Sparring" in which the attacker or Uke will attack once. And as an example the defender with step back or forward in a linear fashion, do a hard block and counter punch. The the student will do some free sparring dancing around and they are told this will work on the street. 100 percent wrong information.

There is nothing wrong with teaching any of this. The issue is that this is that it is not expanded upon. Martial Artists are taught what to do. But not when or how to do this. In real life with reference to the one step sparring the attacker will strike with the other hand long before the counter attack is launched.

Classifications of Attack

This understanding is not a revelation. Most of all, as I stated above the martial art masters of old taught wrong on purpose. But the teaching was never corrected. And honestly it is far beyond any article or single course to do this. 

Therefore it is up to the student to decide if they wish to continue to learn, or they are happy where they currently are.  For me I will continue to learn as long as my heart keeps beating. Now I am sure you are getting what is meant by Classifications of Attack

Classifications of Attack In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

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Martial Art training is meant to be a livelong path. Once in which you get better with age. That is not what we see for the part today.

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