The Art of Self Defense for the average man

* Art of Self Defense

The Art of Self Defense was created for the average man or woman. And this is what the majority of the martial arts from Asia were once about.

Yes there are certain arts that are more combat oriented than other. The sword arts being a prime example of this. But if we even look at the weapons from Okinawa they are farm implements.

Used by the average person. Not high end military hardware. Much has changed today, but is the for the best?

Art of Self Defense

I recall when I was driving around also 40 years ago looking for a teacher to begin my martial arts journey. I found Chung Oh;s School of Tae Kwon Do.

It was a Hapkido Tae Kwon Do blend. Competition based on TKD and self defense from Hapkido.

But it was something written on the sign that really caught my attention. It said "Learn the Art of Self Defense."

Back a few years ago I wrote an article called Martial Artists are Not Self Defense Experts.

And I think this is even truer today.  I rarely write self defense articles any longer, and I stopped doing any real promotion for my self defense system Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Art of Self Defense - Why you ask?

Because today people want a quick fix solution to an issue they are apathetic towards to being with. Martial Artists, the majority involved in sport martial arts today, believe that what they are doing is enough. That being a good right fighter is sufficient. 

Now I disagree 100 percent with all this. But who I am to disagree? Honestly a ring fighter is not the average person to being with. I am much more concerned about the general state of martial arts training. And what is being lost. And the art of self defense is one such part of the whole.

Art of Self Defense - True Martial Art

My root art of Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido is a well developed art. And I still do teach self defense as an art form, not as a sport. Something that develops overtime. It is a path of learning not a destination. Today there are a lot of self defense systems. And that is fine. There are some good ideas within them that a seasoned martial artist can learn and add to their training. But sorry they are not a solution. You begin efficient as a teacher has nothing to do with your students outcome. That is modern day political BS.

But there is also a BIG problem with them. They are viewed as a means to an end!  And they are NOT. The truth is being able to "fight back" is an instinct not everyone has developed. The majority of people when attacked are paralyzed with FEAR.

These systems will not help them. 

Owning a GUN will not help them.  You must be disciplined enough to use it. Most people are not "yet" capable of fighting back! Those who teach these systems and brag about them being the "best" do not realize the persons they reference for success would have won anyway. With or without the system.  As an example my first teacher Master Philip Hollohan did not need any martial art to be dangerous. He was born a fighter. Martial Arts training made him a better person, and more efficient if he needed to defend himself. 

Art of Self Defense in Conclusion

Art of Self Defense CONCLUSION

In my opinion, for the martial arts to survive today, and not just become nothing but another sport, we need to look back at our roots.

If you are a fan of martial sport more power to you. I hope you are not trying to sell yourself as a self defense teacher also. 

I participated in martial sport for eight years and did well. But I am not a fan. I hope more people will develop a desire to see the art of self defense return.

 that they will rededicate their training towards this goal. In today's dystopian dangerous world we need a resurgence of true martial art training for the average man.

I hope you enjoyed Art of Self Defense. 

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The Art of Self Defense

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