Kyusho Jitsu Is Reverse Acupuncture


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There is nothing mysterious about Kyusho Jitsu. There never has been and there never will be. It is the study of the human body based on the ancient teaching of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. There are so who do not believe in this way, I suggest you just head over to google and search for something else to read!

Now one of the major attraction points in Kyusho to many people is the ability to knockout an opponent with little or no effort. However, it is done with low impact in demonstrations to prevent injury. If I am in trouble and I am going to strike ST-5 I am gonna drive it with all I have, not give a light tap! The media loves to jump on this light tap crap and try to discredit the art! But the MEDIA is full of SHIT on just about everything they report!

There are certain nerves in the body, which coincide to pressure points that when struck correctly, using 2 way action will result in a KO. Why? because the nerve is protecting a vital part of the body, such as in ST-5 oversees the muscles that keep the jaw attached to the skull. Therefore to protect the jaw when struck unconsciousness will occur. This is fact, not fiction!

Now I can list nerve after nerve and explain WHY a KO will happen when they are hit, but that is the purpose of the Black Belt Course! You can get a copy of the medical text Grey’s Anatomy and check much of it out for yourself!

As for the no touch knockout, well there is no street application for this and to my way of thinking it shows the power of the human mind, but again the media are idiots and just want to discredit all they can.  I don’t spend very much time with these KO’s as they don’t have a street application, however I have taught the theory many times and done dozens of these successfully.

Your can learn more about No Touch from this link as they are not part of the Black Belt Certification Course (Beginners).

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Kyusho Jitsu World Vidcast Ep. 3 The Alliance!



Welcome to Kyusho Jitsu World’s Vidcast Ep. 3. Today I am talking about the pcoming Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance. Watch here over the coming weeks for more details on this exciting new alliance!

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Kyusho Jitsu World VidCast Ep. 2 – Getting a Black Belt in Kyusho!

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Martial arts black belt

Today’s VidCast is addressing our online email course for getting your Black Belt in the art of Kyusho Jitsu. Yes it is possible, and I will give you all the information on how to do it and why you will want to!

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What is a Pressure Point and WHY should you Care?


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I think the best place to begin here is with the question…..

What is a pressure point?

Simply put a pressure point is a place in the body where a nerve end, crosses another nerve or branches off like a “Y”.  There are a total of 370 plus points on the body considering the normal ones and the extraordinary ones. But not that many are of interest to us compared to the number!

Why should you care? Because I said the word “NERVE.”

Nerves are the electrical wiring system of the body, and one of the functions they have is to report possible damage to the brain as PAIN. We martial artist love PAIN!

The purpose of Kyusho Jitsu is to study the pressure point system of the human body, and we do so by reverse engineering acupuncture to cause pain rather then relieve it! But why?

Because we can get a predictable result, unlike we do with simple strikes and kicks!

An example is a BOXER. Boxers are dangerous because they don’t care if you hit them! But if you hit a never cluster, or pressure point, and do it correctly they are going down, PERIOD.

That makes the study essential!

It is not an easy study, but the benefits far outweigh the work!

More soon!


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Acupuncture doll shows needle points

Acupuncture doll shows needle points

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