Power of Your Mind with the Reticular Activation System

Power of Your Mind

Discover how to unluck the Power of Your Mind with the Reticular Activation System and walk down the pasth of success in the martial arts. 

Today, I want to share with you a fascinating concept that has significant implications for our daily lives and personal development. A few years ago, I wrote an article for the World Budo Alliance Blog about the Reticular Activation System (R.A.S.). Instead of directing you to the blog, I've decided to bring the essence of that article directly to your inbox. Trust me, by the end of this email, you'll be glad you took the time to read it.

Understanding the Reticular Activation System (R.A.S.)

Power of Your Mind. So, what exactly is the Reticular Activation System? In the simplest terms, the R.A.S. is our brain's way of filtering the overwhelming amount of sensory information we receive every second. To give you an idea, out of approximately two million bits of sensory data trying to enter our subconscious mind at any moment, we are only capable of processing around 40,000 bits. This selective processing is crucial, as it helps us focus on what truly matters, filtering out the rest as unimportant.

The Significance of R.A.S. for Martial Artists

For us martial artists, and indeed for anyone striving for personal growth, the functioning of the R.A.S. holds profound significance. As famously stated by the Buddha, "We are what we think." This principle directly relates to how the R.A.S. operates, as it is essentially programmed by our predominant thoughts. This explains why when we fixate on a particular goal or object, such as owning a specific car, we start to notice it everywhere. Our R.A.S. filters our experiences to align with our focus, making these objects or goals appear more frequently in our perception. This shows the Power of Your Mind.

Take, for example, my personal experience in 1979 when I was intent on buying a Corvette. Suddenly, I saw Corvettes everywhere I went. This wasn't a coincidence but the R.A.S. at work, filtering my reality to match my thoughts and desires.

The Power of Perception and Power of Your Mind

Our daily lives are comprised of over 76,000 thoughts, with more than 90% of them being negative for the average person. This overwhelming negativity shapes our reality in undesirable ways, illustrating the Kosho adage that "Your perception equals your reality." Understanding and harnessing the power of the R.A.S. can fundamentally alter this reality, shifting our perception to foster more positive outcomes and achievements.

Power of Your Mind in Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance

Furthermore, the concept of the R.A.S. provides insight into the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance. This psychological discomfort arises from holding conflicting beliefs or attitudes. By understanding how the R.A.S. influences our perception and beliefs, we can better navigate and resolve cognitive dissonance, leading to a more harmonious and consistent belief system.

Power of Your Mind

Now in the Bible it states in Mathew 13:12 is states "Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them." Most people believe the Bible is referring to money. But that is incorrect it is speaking of "spiritual awareness." However this can refer to money. But this is linked DIRECTLY to the R.A.S Reticular Activation System and proven by science!

We have mutually attracted each other into our lives for a purpose. In our case this is likely a martial arts related subject. I know things, you seek knowledge. This present an opportunity for you and me also. You can accept that, or reject it. That is the gift of FREEWILL. But here is the caviot, not accepting what you attracted is also a function of the RAS. If you believe, as you have been programmed too that you do not have the resources the RAS will continue to make sure you do not have the resources.

As an example you are foced to buy something and you think "I do not have the money for this" then the RAS will make sure you do NOT recover from this. This is hard wired.

I watch this happen everyday as people come and go from my mail lists. Those to accept and want to walk thought the door of martial arts opportunity do so. Those who do not leave. When I began the study of Kyusho Jitsu it cost me a lot of money. I do not lie in the 10's of thousands. But I KNEW I needed this information and the RAS provided me with solutions to not feel the impact of the expense.

In the continuation of our journey through the fascinating workings of the Reticular Activation System (R.A.S.), I'd like to touch upon a concept that might initially seem distant from martial arts or neuroscience but is profoundly connected to the principles we've been discussing.

The Impact of Belief Systems on Our Reality

Imagine a scenario where you are faced with a financial decision, and your immediate thought is, "I can't afford this." This mindset triggers the R.A.S. to validate your belief, ensuring that overcoming this financial hurdle becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This principle is not just theory but something I observe in action daily. Individuals who join my mailing list with an openness to explore martial arts find ways to navigate their challenges and embrace the opportunities. Conversely, those who believe they cannot afford to engage often find themselves stuck, validating their initial fears.

Personal Experience with Kyusho Jitsu

My journey with Kyusho Jitsu, despite being a substantial financial commitment, is a testament to the power of the R.A.S. in action. The cost was significant, indeed running into tens of thousands, but my conviction in the necessity of this knowledge was unwavering. Believing in the value of this investment, the R.A.S. helped me find ways to mitigate the financial impact, affirming the adage that where there's a will, there's a way. Power of Your Mind is unbelievable!

The Critical Link Between Your Goals and Cognitive Dissonance

As we delve deeper into the intricacies of the Reticular Activation System (R.A.S.) and its profound impact on our perception and reality, I hope the connections between this information and the challenges you face in achieving your goals are becoming clearer. A significant factor in this dynamic is cognitive dissonance, a concept that might be playing a more substantial role in your life than you realize.

The Barrier of Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is again, the mental conflict that occurs when your beliefs do not align with your actions or when confronted with new information that contradicts existing beliefs, can significantly impede your progress. For instance, you might recognize the value in the knowledge I'm offering, yet find yourself fixated on the reasons why it's unattainable. This focus on obstacles, driven by the R.A.S., can indeed be frustrating and defeating, creating a barrier between you and your aspirations.

Empowering Change Through the Conscious Mind

Here's the great news: the power to overcome these barriers lies within your conscious mind. The process of deprogramming negative or limiting beliefs and reprogramming with positive, empowering ones is not only possible but essential for growth and achievement. By consciously directing our thoughts and focus, we can reshape the function of the R.A.S. to support our goals rather than hinder them.

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