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Questions Along the Path
Questions Along the Path

Questions are how the brain works. If you pay attention to your self talk you will discover that the entire conversation is in the form of questions.  An example is:

  • What do I want to eat?
  • I’m gonna grab a burger

It is never just, “I want a burger.” Life and learning on built on questions.

Now one of the great benefits of our Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course is you can reply to any message and ask a question. If the answer is simple, then I will just write it back to you. If it is more complex, then it will be included in our weekly Vidcast.

In this coming Mondays Vidcast I will be addressing 2 very good question!.

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Back in the late spring I created our FREE Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course to give martial artists a chance to explore the pressure point of Kyusho Jitsu without having to try to work their way through the mass of information and misinformation online.

And it has been a huge success!

Currently we have about 50 FREE lessons and 400 plus subscribers with more joining everyday and more lessons being added.

Pretty good for free eh?

Now this information covers a lot of ground and not all of it is for the beginner, but it will certainly get your feet wet!  Plus as a member of the group you receive first notice, along with of course KJWA members of any sales or new products. Plus recaps of posting done here. Makes things pretty easy!

Recently as an example I did a special promotion on our Level One Black Belt Certification Course, which is the first step in becoming a certified and qualified teacher of our system, as well as a Black Belt yourself if you are not currently a Kyusho Black Belt. This gives you everything you need to run study groups in your school, even do novice seminars in your area or regions.

Now the sale officially ended yesterday, but I have not yet returned the course to its full price because of a small glitch in the system that prevented some notices from going out. So if you are interested in become a Certified Kyusho Teacher follow the link below to read more.

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Get Your Black Belt in Kyusho

For the last week I had done a very BIG price drop on our Black Belt Certification Course and our Level One Instructor Certification. Now some of you took advantage of this which is great. Several more showed interested but did not act, which is cool too.

However pricing goes back to normal on Monday November 21st! I have even divided it into payment options to make it easier, but you must act by Monday to take advantage of this FANTASTIC offer.

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Are there Secret Societies in Kyusho Jitsu?

Dillman Camp Reading PN 2010
Dillman Camp Reading PN 2010

Now I don’t mean to come off sounding like a conspiracy theorist here, that is not my intention with the headline on the article. But the short answer is YES, there are. They are not so much secret, but closed. Like a club you won’t belong too.

The martial arts Kyusho organizations are in many ways an “old boys club.”  None of this is in writing, but RANK and SENIORITY have their privileges. The first time I came to Romania to teach I got some “flack” from the powers that be because Europe belonged to another member. And I was not a real member, but an adherent with was there because of my teacher. Later I had a seminar booked in Portugal, which suddenly was canceled in favor of a “member” at 3 times the price too!


There were rules that had to be followed and one was how much money you earned for the “federation.” Then you were assigned areas that you could travel and teach in, with the endorsement of the head of the “federation.”

So what is my point? I do not want the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance to become an “Old boys club” however RANK is important, rank in Kyusho Jitsu!

I have had a few members come to me and tell me how interested they are in doing this. However the economy is hurting worldwide, which I do understand. They also see the great potential to make some money teaching this. So what can I do to help them?

Ok first if you are not a kyusho black belt, if you purchase the Level One Instructions Certification you can become a 1st Dan Black Belt from that Course. The Novice Black Belt Certification Course is for someone only interested in getting their black belt, not teaching.

Second, I would be happy to break the price of the course up into payments for you. We can do it over 3 to 6 months if that helps you out.

Building the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance is a passion for me! But we need devoted Black Belts to help make this happen!

Are you someone on board with this idea?

Stay tuned! If you are not a member of the KJWA it is free! There is a link at the top menu for more information.




What is Dim Mak and the Dim Mak Project?

Human Internal System - Circulatory System medical concept - 3D illustration.
Human Internal System – Circulatory System medical concept – 3D illustration.

When I got into pressure point study I did it with both feet. I just did not stick by big toe in the water. I dove in head first under the ice.  This is why I have the confidence level I do in what I do with it and what I teach.

Dim Mak will be no exception. So what is Dim Mak? It is usually referred to at “death touch” but that is actually not what it means.

There are many different views on pressure points, in fact you may have seen ads for a website selling “nerve” strikes as self defense stating they are different. The fact is they really are not. These people are just attacking points were the nerve is more exposed then others. Pressure point lie along nerve path, the most effect are at nerve ends and nerve bundles.  The way he is approaching it, it is likely very effective.

However I have never been into telling a martial artist to squeeze LI-4 to cause pain, but actually this is an excellent humane point! But if you choose to use that point, a kyusho jitsu education would show you how to get the most bang for your buck!

But now on to Dim Mak

Is it pressure point study? Not in the traditional sense. Kyusho Jitsu is the study of pressure points from a neurological standpoint. Dim Mak is different.

If you view the human body in 2 aspects, the Chi side and the Blood Side, Kyusho jitsu is the Chi side, Dim Mak is the Blood side.

Now this is a massive over simplification, but that is the basic idea.

Join us today at the Dim Mak Project. You can join from the link below.





The Dim Mak Project

Nervous system

Dim Mak, the fabled part of martial arts which is often referred to as the “Death Touch.”

is it possible? Is it real? Or is it just more martial arts hype?

Legend has it this was how Bruce Lee died.  There is an old saying “were there is smoke, there is fire.”

I have been studying martial arts for 32 years, pressure points for 15 and have done a large amount of research of time to the connections to the legends and folklore of dim mak.

Then in 2014 I got together with some of my best students, we worked, brain stormed and experimented and came up with SOLID theories and concepts on how this is all possible.

I had planned to never release it. But came across it last weekend while I was organizing my hard drive. Now I will compile it all, and release it to the martial arts world.

If you are interesting in The Dim Mak Project please watch this video, then join the mail list below. This will rock your world!

The Dim Mak Project

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Is Distance Learning in Kyusho Jitsu or ANYTHING Else Really Possible?

Sample e-learning website on tablet computer

The short answer? Depends on the student.

Let me explain. There are many factors involved in distance learning. Myself over the year have take MANY distance learning courses. Some good, some a waste of time. I have studied Auto Mechanics, Fitness, Buddhism, marketing, business management, self improvement and many, many other things over the year, via online or letter-mail courses.

How did I do, very, very well in all but the Fitness Course. It was boring and poorly written with ZERO support. The others where pretty decent. Marketing was and is AMAZING.

In a sense so was my study with Grand Master Stewart in Kyusho because I only spent 3 hours per month on average with him. The rest requirement me to be “Self Motivated.”

There are 3 primary requirement to learn Kyusho Jitsu via distance.  Since we are not teaching a traditional system of movement it is in a way less complicated.

  1. You need to Self Motivated.
  2. You need to be “teachable.” Or in other words NOT an egotist
  3. Have studied or are studying a martial art.

That is really about it, but these things are VERY important!

What do you need from the course?

  1. To have been created by a TEACHER, not an instructor or professional counter. There are many GREAT martial artists in the world in all styles. But that does NOT make them TEACHERS
  2. Support! You need to be able to ask questions and get real answers, not be referred to a FAQ to research for yourself
  3. The course and its teach need to have a real, traceable linage so you know the information is SOLID

That is what you are getting with Kyusho Jitsu World’s Courses.

If you would like to read about our 1st Dan Black Belt Course please follow the link below. This is an amazing deal! But our mandate makes it that way. We want to spread the word, and make Qualified Black Belts!

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Kyusho Jitsu / Pressure Point Book in Multiple Languages


I don’t know if you are aware, but our Kyusho Jitsu Workbooks, Novice, Advanced and Master’s are available in Spanish, translated by a Professional English/Spanish translator.

Now she did the translation on only part of the Master book and she is no longer available to me. The other part was very kindly translated by a martial artist and native speaker.

Now the good news is that very shortly the Novice Book will be available in German! French and Romanian will be coming very soon also!

This all does take time as they need to be done properly so the meaning is not lost. It cannot be a Google Translate which is word for word.

If you would like more information on our Spanish Editions follow the link below!

Have a great day!