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You do not need a credit card to register, nor are you obligated to continue if you don’t think it is right for you! This is organized learning to bring any student of the martial art to a firm understanding of the foundation of the art of Kyusho Jitsu, and then beyond to master levels.

This is a $29.00 USD value, plus you get bonuses of another$49 on top of this and it costs you nothing! Now I am not going to go into all the details here, but follow the link below to get all the information right now and register!

Test Drive Our Gold membership for One Month FREE

Who wants to do a Test Drive of the Diamond KJWA Membership?

What a great question! I am patting myself on the back right now! Just kidding 🙂 However being in our FREE Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course does have its perks!

Today I offered a FREE Test drive of our Kyusho Jitsu University Diamond Membership for One Month! Totally free and no obligation to continue after the month unless you chose to do so! This program is $47 per month!

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Article on Kyusho Self Defense in Black Belt Magazine

This is a really great article! I had posted it the other day on my Pressure Points Canada Blog, but the blog is down and “support” is not answering emails.  But I will deal with that this weekend.

However this is an article on using pressure points in real self defense situation. It features a friend from DKI by the name of Dusty Seals. He is a Chicago police officer and can give an excellent perspective on things for you!


I have written about a conversation I had with Dusty at the training camp in 2011 regarding him dealing one on one with a man on PCP’s and that Pressure Points saved his life.

Have a great day!



Kyusho Jitsu is NOT for Everyone!

I am still learning – Michelangelo at age 87 –

Yes you read that right! The study of Kyusho Jitsu is not for everyone, not even close! As one of my Black Belts told me years ago, “Kyusho Jitsu is a calling.”

There are many systems you can add to your martial art to make it more effective. And the odds are you truly do need to make if more effective. When the wave of Asian Master began after WWII they did NOT teach all they knew. They taught enough to make some money, keep a handful of students motivated, but they kept a lot of the information to themselves. Why? Perhaps the treatment they received from the general population after the war? Maybe the NUKES the USA dropped on Japan.

Really the reasons are obvious.

But hey if you are one of those martial artist who thinks their system is fine as it is, good for you! Click here and have a great day!

Aside from that, Kyusho is a lot of work to implement. That is because it WORKS but there is NO FREE LUNCH. You must do the work!  But times passes by quickly and honest hard to always pays off!

Now one person commented to me that Kyusho study was too hard. That is OK, we all learn differently and he or she may not be able to learn something like this via video or written word. After all there are 3 major learning styles (instructors do you know what those are?) that need to be addressed in any good classroom! This person needs a classroom, not distance! That is cool and honest!

Another said “too much irrelevant stuff.”  Hmmmm, sure….. I will accept that as too lazy to do it!

Others the real students leave me comments  like “how can I….”“sir can you explain this??….” These people are teachable, coach-able and we all need to be this way!

Who is Kyusho for?

  • Martial artist who believe there is much more to learn
  • Instructors who want to retain their adult students
  • Someone who is self motivated.
  • Someone concerned about dealing with a REAL self defense situation, not just a “fight”

If you are one of these people, check out the link below.  Learning is a lifetime event!

Level One Instructor Certification Course Sale Ending!!

Teaching at a Kyusho Seminar for Steve Stewart London On 2010.

We are fast approaching the end of the sale price on our Level One Instructor Certification Course. I have been holding the price down for sometime now to allow for people to get involved!

Currently this amazing resource is $297, down $700 from the regular price of $997. Here is the information.

So what does the KJWA – Kyusho Jitsu Level One Certification Do?


It allows you teaching of students up to 1st Dan Black Belt as a separate program students pay for, or you can integrate into you current curriculum, the choice is yours! You can implement a monthly class to teach this program as a separate entity and change for each session! I usually get 10-12 students in a sessions and charge $75 dollars per student! The course takes 1 year to complete, plus depending on the number of students you have you can do multiple sessions or expand to other schools! Plus as a bonus being a member of Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance you will be given exclusivity to your area! No competition!

What will be included in the package.

  • Video of the 1st year of materials.
  • Copy of the Novice Kyusho Jitsu Workbook and right to print and sell to own students
  • Pre Requisite list for students
  • Marketing Materials (Sales letter templates and designs), Use of the logo
  • Registration on our website as a Certified Instructor
  • Share of testing fees for grading students
  • Certificate of completion and certification of level
  • And as a BONUS Free enrollment in our Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course! If you are not a Black Belt in Kyusho you will be! If you are this is a great review or you can pass it one to one of your teaching staff! That is a $600 BONUS!

Now you can easily pay from the various Kyusho jitsu federations as much as $2000 USD plus a percentage for other products!

Now this all ends on March 1st 2017!!!

Plus a 30 day money back guarantee of satisfaction!

Follow this link now to get your course NOW!

Level One Kyusho Jitsu Instructor Certification Course

What is in your Self Defense Tool Kit?

What is in your Self-Defense Toolkit?

What is in your Self Defense Tool Kit? How sure are you of its effectiveness?

My first instructor was a BIG man. He was 6’4″ of solid lean muscle. He could do things, amazing things that even after 16 years I could not pull off. These things could very well have worked for him if he was attacked on the streets, but not for me. and thus the problem!

Today he is much older, with back problems. Many of the weapons will / would not longer work because of age and health. More is needed!

For the last 20 years of my 32 years in the arts I have been concerned and studied “street defense.” The real thing, not fights or sport, but if someone decides to rob you, kill you, or just beat you because they don’t like your face. This is the reality of much of the world today!

Pressure Point study, or Kyusho Jitsu is the GREAT equalizer! It is a system that you add to your root art, to make everything you do more effective, no matter how age and injury treats you. It is something that can be passed on to students to help them be SAFE in our real world!

It makes martial arts WORK.

Learn more from this link below. We offer a FREE Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course here, as well as many other more in depth produces.

Kyusho Jitsu University

Have a great week!



Kyusho Jitsu Level One Instructor Certification Course

Get Your Black Belt in Kyusho

Well the time is fast approaching for the end of the sale on the Kyusho Jitsu Level One Instructor Certification Course.  This course is a digital download with all the information needed to become a Kyusho Jitsu Black Belt if you are not already one, and certify as a Level One teacher so that you may begin teaching Study Groups in your Dojo and have our backing and support!

I have been running a fantastic deal of $700 OFF the regular payment of $997, which makes it $297. You can even divide this up into 3 payments of $99 each.

Plus that is in Canadian Funds!

You just cannot beat it!

Why did I do it? To help many martial artist who are interested in this get started and help build our Alliance! But with launching of Kyusho Jitsu University it is time for the price to go back to regular!

The sale will officially end on Wednesday March 1st 2017. Now as an extra bonus, if you are serious of doing this course I will split the payment into 6 for you. But you cannot do that on the website, you can only do 3 payments there, so email me at master@kyushojitsu.ca

Have a great weekend!