Pressure Point TW-08. What makes arm strikes so effective??

* Pressure Point TW-08

Pressure Point TW-08: Continuing the series on important pressure points of the body for self defense we have Pressure Point TW-08. And it is part of the Triple Warmer Meridian which is perhaps the most important for Kyusho study on the body. And I also suggest checking out my book Mastering Triple Warmer Meridian

Pressure Point TW-08

The location of this pressure point is 4 cun above TW-04, between the radius and ulna. And between the extensor digitorum and the origin of the abductor pollicis longus muscles.

This is a dangerous pressure point and striking it very hard can result in delayed death due to other complications*. When used with PC-06, a strike to the chest will cause severe damage and Heart issues can result.

As an example of this is simply touching Pressure Point PC-06. This weakens the chest area. Pressure Points located on the arms are excellent for self defense training because everyone has 2 arms, and these always present themselves during an attack. 

The other *complications mentioned above with also vary with the health of the attacker. Today, after 2 years of lockdowns and other issues peoples general health is questionable. Many people I know in the Western Culture have gained a tremendous amount of body mass. This is a very bad and unhealthy situation.  

Pressure Point TW-08 - In Conclusion

Pressure Point TW-08 CONCLUSION

Contrary to the narrative from the medical industrial money machine health does not come from the ingestion or injection of chemicals into the body. It comes from a balance of energies within the body.

The human body cannot be improved upon, but it can be damaged.

Any point, like Pressure Point TW-08 can have a great effect on the body. And the Triple Warmer Meridian an all associated pressure points should be studies with it. 

Physical and Mental health are a balance, and both are governed in many ways by Triple Warmer. 

Thank you for reading Pressure Point TW-08 also.


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