Pressure Point ST-12. A Great Strike for Beginners.

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Pressure Point ST-12: As I continue the ongoing series on the different pressure points on the body we look today at ST-12 [Stomach]. My last article was on Pressure Point HT-02. As I progress along this road of featuring different pressure points I have been getting some negative comments on FB.

Now I rarely answer comments there because I think Facebook is worthless and a detriment to society. I do write about these pressure points because learning is the most important thing. 

If you think you know everything please visit another pressure point instructor. I have no interest in you. 

I am only interested in OPEN minded STUDENTS. Not know it all people, who know nothing. 

Pressure Point ST-12

Pressure Point ST-12 is in the midpoint of the supraclavicular fossa, 4 cun lateral to the Conception Vessel or in the depression at the middle of the superior border of the clavicle and directly above the nipple. 

The Pressure Point Stomach 5

Pressure Point ST-12 is a very effective pressure point in self defense and can usually end a fight if a strike is landed. The clavicle  or collar bone is a very weak bone and when damaged causes great local pain.

Also, the arms on that side cannot be lifted. A great self defense pressure point! ST-12 is also one of the 36 Dim Mak Vital Points.

And most importantly because of its location this is an excellent pressure point to use for self defense training. This is best struck using a hammer fist.

Pressure Point Prejudice

Prejudiced is normal in all intelligent animals. And it is a good thing depending on the circumstances. However when we have "favorite" techniques or pressure points we are limiting ourselves. And these limits lead to failure over time.

When this happens you become bound by your beliefs. TRY to always be learning and expanding your understanding of all things. Advanced study means to follow and understand the natural laws, but not to be limited by them.

Pressure Point study requires critical thinking.

Pressure Point ST-12 - In Conclusion

Pressure Point ST-12 CONCLUSION

I have been doing a series on different pressure points of the human body for many years. Pressure Point ST-12 being the latest.

And I hope you have been reading them all. There are over 250 articles on this blog, which is a massive resource for FREE information. 

Take advantage of this!

Thank you for reading Pressure Point ST-12. It is part of a very large series! Read them all!


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