Pressure Point SI-08. What makes this point tick?

* Pressure Point SI-08

Pressure Point SI-08: Today I am going to look at a powerful pressure point of the arms which is SI-08.

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If you are interested in a reference to all 361 Pressure Point on the body, plus the Extraordinary Pressure Points take a look at my book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy

Pressure Point SI-08

Pressure Point SI-08 is located with the elbow flexed, 

Pressure Point SI-08 is located between the olecranon of the ulna bone and the medial epicondyle of the Humerus BoneThis is a very dangerous pressure point to strike. And aside from the fact that it will cause considerable pain and Chi drainage, if struck at the same time as Pressure Point LU-05. Very important to note it will cause a knock out or even possible death.

Pressure Point SI-08 is also an Underlying Indicator Point. You should read this article also as it is very informative about these special pressure points. 

In Kyusho Jitsu learning the more you know, the more you know. Some of these pressure point featured in this articles you might never use. But, being this one is located on the arms, and the arms always present themselves this is excellent knowledge.

Pressure Point SI-08 - In Conclusion

Pressure Point SI-08 CONCLUSION

I hope you have been enjoying this series on the different pressure points of the body.

And I cannot do them all, and I have already done so in my book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

Therefore I am not sure I will do anymore in this series, however time will tell. Also checkout my Free 10 Lesson Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course if you have a minute more.  Thank for reading about Pressure Point SI-08.


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