Pressure Point KD-10. How to disable a person with a knee strike.

* Pressure Point KD-10

Pressure Point KD-10: Today I continue the series on the different pressure points on the body with KD-10. Also checkout the article on the Kidney Meridian.

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Pressure Point KD-10

Pressure Point KD-10 is located on the medial side of the popliteal fossa, level with BL-40, between the tendons of semitendinosus muscle and semimembranosus muscle when the knee is flexed. 

This is a dangerous pressure point as it has a relationship to CV-17. A solid strike can potentially result in Heart issues making this a very effective Dim Mak pressure point. A decent strike will cause a knockout. It is not advised to use this pressure point during training due its dangerous nature.

Pressure Point KD-10 is an Underlying Indicator Point.

Pressure Point KD-10 - In Conclusion

Pressure Point KD-10 CONCLUSION

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