Pressure Point GB-01. So, can striking here cause death?

* Pressure Point GB-01

Pressure Point GB-01: As I continue the series of different pressure points of the body today I focus on Pressure Point GB-01. And make sure you have read the article on the Gall Bladder Meridian.  

I cannot stress that if you want to really learn about Kyusho Jitsu, and apply the knowledge just how important all these articles are.

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Pressure Point GB-01

Pressure Point GB-01 is located 0.5 cun lateral to the outer edge of the canthus of the eye. The point is in the orbicularis muscle.

The nerves in the region include the zygomaticofacialzygomaticotemporal and the temporal and frontal branches or the facial nerve.

Striking this pressure point with no other setup has a dramatic result. Aside from serious eye damage this pressure point can cause nausea, loss of memory and in extreme cases death. This is a potential result. It would be caused by underlying health issues. Today in the Western Culture because of people's addiction to pharmaceuticals many have serious underlying health problems exist. Just listen or read the potential side effects from all these unnecessary drugs.  

Please use extreme caution here. Do not under any circumstances use this pressure point in demonstrations. Doing so is grossly negligent. This si for life and death situations. 

Pressure Point GB-01 - In Conclusions

Pressure Point GB-01 CONCLUSION

This articles is short and to the point. You can get a good understanding of each pressure point from them. However you do also need to study the Kyusho Jitsu Principles and concepts.

It is also wish to realize that in order to use this information on the street you need correct training. And sport is not that training. Sorry if this bursts your bubble.

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