The Governor Vessel Meridian. The Source of all Yang Energy

* Governor Vessel Meridian
The Governor Vessel Meridian. The Source of all Yang Energy. Today's article is the second of two articles on the Acupuncture Vessels on the human body.  The body has 2 vessels which run the center-lines of the body.

The Governor Vessel Meridian is located on the back of the body. It begins at the north (up) part of the anus and runs up the center of the spine and up the center of the head. It terminates under the pallet inside the mouth. Most of all this vessel is the source for all YANG energy in the body. There is no element related to the Governor. 

However it is important to note that while no element is predominate, it does transmit all element energies in their YANG form. As an example YANG Water, or YANG Fire. 

The Governor Vessel Meridian

The Conception Vessel Meridian is the home of many very important pressure points to be studied. There are a total of 28 Pressure Points on Governor. Very importantly is the understanding that many of these pressure points if stuck can cause serious harm to the body up to and including death. 

Governor Vessel Meridian - Important Pressure Points

Here is a list of the important pressure points on the Governor Vessel Meridian when we consider them from a destructive aspect.

Any strike to the the Governor Vessel meridian is dangerous not just from a neurological aspect put the fact the meridians runs the length of the spine and the middle of the head. There are also several of the 36 Dim Mak Vital Points on Governor.

The deeper the understanding you have of each pressure point on the body the more effective you can become with Kyusho Jitsu. It is not possible to remember all of them. However references like my Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy or my Online Encyclopedia of Kyusho are a great place to start. 

Governor Vessel Meridian - In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

This is the final in the meridian series I have done. I will link below to them all. Here is a link also the article on the Conception Vessel Meridian. 

The study of Kyusho Jitsu is very rewarding. When you stimulate the mind to THINK (a lost art in the 21st century) and expand your mind, not only do you benefit your training but your health in general.

The martial art systems taught today are very incomplete and many are not arts at all. This is why so many believe that the arts do not work on the street. Those seeking instant gratification in life will not train seriously. Only people dedicated to growth as a human being, and an interest in returning to a world of values of old like morality and truth will succeed.

Also I have done articles for all the Acupuncture Meridians of the body linked here. Thank you for taking time to read Governor Vessel Meridian.

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