Yin Yang are NOT absolutes. Illusions of the times.

* Yin Yang are NOT absolutes

Many believe often that "something is too good to be true." Yin Yang are NOT absolutes. Illusions of the times. Cycles are changing. However at this time we are in a very negative aspect of the cycle.

There is no absolute good or evil in this world. Even the worst humans have some good qualities.

However it comes down to decisions and choices made as to how life will be.

Yin Yang are NOT absolutes

But, the best solution is to walk the line of balance, not dive into the extremes. Most important to realize about this is that balance requires hard work, especially to begin with. But like first learning to ride a bicycle it eventually gets easier. And today so many have extreme points of view, so extreme in fact it becomes mental illness. 

Today it amazes me how people can find negativity in everything and anything. Now the times are certainly bad. As I am writing this we are headed for a depression, and I was mocked for saying it would happen years ago. How did I know? I watch the cycles!

Yin Yang are NOT absolutes

But even in hard times, good things happen if you pay attention. And it requires a clear disciplined mind to pay attention. And this is a positive. Something many are allergic too.

An attack on the street is an extreme negative event.  However the attacking elements of the body are in a Yang state. Violence is YIN, yet the striking fist is Yang. Therefore a deep understanding needs to be had to effectively deal with an attack. Some have stated to me that have been successful without this. So have I!

However the idea of "last man standing" is naive at best. Time comes for us all. And eventually you lose in this belief. Yin Yang are NOT absolutes, study this!

Bar fights will often end with little damage done to each party. Why is this? Because it is YIN vs YIN and Yang vs Yang. If there was an understanding by one party how things actually worked the fight would be over in seconds. And damage, serious damage would be the result.

I have written many different articles and books on the topic, but few learn and apply the knowledge. I wish more would apply the teaching, and then teach this themselves.

In Conclusion

Yin Yang are NOT absolutes CONCLUSION

People often remark how calm I am. And it took me a lifetime of training to be this way. All of this provides for a life at ease, with clear vision.

And I should not be special. This is one of the main reasons people train in the martial arts. Yet in the modern world it is not that way. 

Martial Arts today is relegated to sport and an activity for children. Which is great for children, but the parents take them out way too soon to get lifelong results. Honestly this is a BIG reason I stop teaching children.

Yin Yang are NOT absolutes! Try to learn to walk the line between order and chaos, the middle road. And this comes from dedicated training, and being disciplined to that training. The benefits of martial art training come with time. The more time, the more benefit. 

Thank you for taking time to read Yin Yang are NOT absolutes!


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