When to Strike a Meridian. What you need to Know

* When to Strike a Meridian

When to Strike a Meridian. People in a martial art Dojo are always taught what to do. They can strike, they can block, they can kick and so some excellent throws.

But "when" to Strike a Meridian is rarely if ever taught. And when it comes to pressure points vulnerability "when" is extremely important.

Therefore perhaps it time to discuss the Yin/Yang of all this. The "when" of Kyusho Jitsu.  When one part of the body is strong then another part is weak. 

This is the pure Yin/Yang of experience. And when the body is weak is when to strike a Meridian.  Not when the body is strong which is when most martial arts will attempt to do the strike.

When to Strike a Meridian

This is about learning to open the opponents body up during movement, and then taking advantage. Usually this is done when the body is closed by most. And when it is done this way a lot of power is needed to get the result. 

But what happens when you are forced to use power? The body becomes slower and your timing is gone. You are also open to counter attack. In truth you invite the counter, enable it.

You need to learn to move, and create an open state in which the opponents body becomes vulnerable to an attack. This is true if you are attacking muscles, skeletal structures or pressure points and meridians. 

* When to Strike a Meridian

In the image to the left you see me striking my son Scott at LI-10, or close to it.

This is a typical WAZA practiced in a Dojo. I teach it. But you also the see the reality of what is happening. 

When to Strike a Meridian, this is the wrong time! I am striking a CLOSE meridian, and Scott's counter is hitting SP-21 which is OPEN. Therefore I am going DOWN and going down HARD!

Even if I am FAST enough to hit him first, and I would not be, I will not get the result I seek. Why? Because the meridian is closed and tight. I would need a lot of power to get an effect. And I would not be able to do it fast enough. You must know when to Strike a Meridian.

When to Strike a Meridian - Beginners Waza

And teaching this is OK for beginners, but it must be evolved. I see Black Belts doing this for demonstrations. From here as the Uke stands still they do a few more strikes and get a knockout.  

Now I know what someone is going to say. I have had a result doing this in training. So have i! But in training the Uke's state is not violent, the body is relaxed even if they tense up. The street, which is the goal, is not this way. 

If you are only looking for demonstration you can keep doing this. However if real life is your concern, and you wish to do pressure point / meridian striking you have to evolve your training. There is not other way.

In Conclusion - Strike a Meridian

When to Strike a Meridian CONCLUSION

So why am I saying this now after so many years? Because I though everyone knew this from their root art.

I taught all this in my Dojo, correct movement, alignments, body mechanics, long before they learned pressure points. 

So yeah, I screwed up, now I need to correct this. And I have been dedicated for the last few years to doing this. This is about creating an open state in the attacker so you can then effectively strike at pressure points, or skeletal and muscular structures.

Then you will get the results you need.  I have a new course coming called Kosho Concepts: Creating Gaps and Voids. Have a read about the content if you have a few moments.

Thank you for reading when to Strike a Meridian. I hope you enjoyed the article. 


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