Targeting Pressure Points in Motion. When you encounter real life.

* Targeting Pressure Points

Targeting Pressure Points is one subject that is very misunderstood. There are some outstanding pressure point people out there. But from what I have seen when it comes to application to the streets they are all clueless.

Yes they have some great techniques, and much to offer the student about learning. BUT...they have no idea as to what will really happen on the street.

Most, and I mean 99.99% focus on what the student wishes to do to the opponent. 

And sport makes this even worse because there are rules. Most importantly there needs to be rules in sport.  But the direction the world goes in perhaps death matches are coming.

And please do not give me the BS about UFC having few rules. It is the ultimate BOX. When opponent pulls a knife and stabs the other guy then talk to me. I just do not see the attraction.

What must be studied? What the opponent is going to do, how to understand and predict their action based on reality and the natural laws that govern movement. You cannot just be targeting Pressure Points. Pressure Points must target you

Targeting Pressure Points

So what am I talking about? You cannot strike a pressure point live without an understanding of what the attacker will do. And this does not just apply to pressure points, you cannot target any area of the body unless you understand the attacker fully. Preemptive striking is not defense, therefore it is not included here. That is actually ASSAULT.

Martial Arts training tends to be about what the defender wishes to do. The work with a stationary opponent and their techniques or Waza. All fine and good! But this must be evolved into a realist live action event.

And I am not talking about Free Sparring. That is a drill, not an emulation of real life. And you can train full power, with full intent in a safe and successful manner. But that is a study in of itself.

No opponent will punch and stop. This is fine for white, yellow and even green belts to learn. But in truth the second punch will be launched quickly and often times with more power then the first.

To target pressure points, or meridians more accurately, you must strike YIN areas of the body during the transition from the 1st to the 2nd punch or kick. 

It is in this space you will get the desired results live, when and where they are needed. Targeting pressure points is not complex, and with proper training is actually very easy. 

In Conclusion - Targeting Pressure Points

Targeting Pressure Points CONCLUSION

Targeting Pressure Points. All things are a learning process and it cannot ever be cheated or denied.  No matter what someone tries to tell you in the media today.

Just like when someone says they "do not have time" to do certain things they are in reality saying they do not want to. 

And with pressure points it is the same. "Pressure Points do not work" really means I am too lazy or unwilling to admit I do not know everything in order to learn. 

My interest in not in converting anyone to a believer, just to teach those who truly wish to learn.

Thank you for reading Targeting Pressure Points. It is an important article in the learning process. 


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