Natural Kyusho Jitsu Progression of Learning. What is the path?

* Natural Kyusho Jitsu Progression of Learning

Natural Kyusho Jitsu Progression: I had a email the other day from a long time student. He told me how much he loved the new Kosho courses, and loved how I was taking everyone in a new and exciting direction. 

And without abandoning all my Kyusho Jitsu teachings.

So why a new direction? Because it is the natural thing to do, the natural progression. And it is full circle too. Let me explain. What is Dim Mak / Kyusho Jitsu?

Dim Mak / Kyusho Jitsu is the study of the anatomy of the human body based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. It is the study of the meridian systems, and the vascular systems of the body. To find a weakness that can be exploited. It then looks at the tools to strike to get the desired result.

Natural Kyusho Jitsu Progression

Why does Kyusho Jitsu exist today? Because almost all martial arts taught today are incomplete.

What is Kosho Ryu? it is the study of the natural laws that dictate and control HOW the body MUST move. And all mammals move in the same fashions. Yes, even the 4 legged ones, if you pay attention. So is this not a natural progression of learning? To go from anatomy of the body to movement?

What else? Well all martial arts teach what to do. But they do not teach WHEN to it! And once again this is a natural progression of learning. Martial Arts idea of "when" is after the punch has been launch. Sorry that is not correct! That is too late. This is why they are called "reactionary" systems.

Natural Kyusho Jitsu Progression - Kosho

Does Kosho include pressure points? Yes, because it is a complete study. It is not a martial art. That term has in of itself a limitation. Kosho is a study of martial arts concepts and theories. A study of the natural laws that govern the world. Not just "fighting" which is a huge limitation. But also healing, and escaping. It incorporates strikes, throws, locks, Kata, Waza, Bunkai and connects the body-mind and spirit because it is a study. When you truly study, investigate you open the mind, and increase your imagination due to the need to connect dots and explore ideas.

When you learn a Kata how much time is spent on it? How many different ways do you perform the Kata? Today Kata is learned to get a promotion. It should be learned to totally understand a concept of motion.

Martial Arts are limited

Why are martial arts limited? Because the majority of "masters" I know believe they have all the answers. And they do not. In modern society, which I do not participate in, "master" has come to mean "stagnation." I am almost 4 decades now and I cannot believe how much I am learning daily.

But people do not wish in these times to put their egos aside and learn, progress. As Socrates said "I am the wisest man in the world because I know I know nothing."

Pressure Points

How does Kosho work with Pressure Points? With great ease. Kyusho principles like the Cycle of Destruction happen naturally due to movement of attack. No targeting necessary.

The question is, do you want to join me on this journey. Do you want to learn?The real starting point beyond the free 5 Lesson Kosho Ryu Mini Course is my Introduction to Kosho Ryu Course. From there if you want to jump into Kyusho with Kosho the there is Pressure Points of Kosho Ryu if you like. I just added another video to that course too. When someone has purchased a course from me any updates are always FREE.

In Conclusion - Natural Kyusho Jitsu Progression of Learning

Natural Kyusho Jitsu Progression of Learning CONCLUSION

And I have 3 NEW series of Kosho Courses. And everything is broken down my topic. This allows you to taking your time and learn. More will be added over time also. These series are:

  1. Kosho Core Concepts
  2. Advanced Kosho Core Concepts
  3. Kosho Weapons Series

All courses are divided into many shorter videos for easy learning and reference too. If you are not interested that is fine. I am here if you change your mind! But I hope you will join me! Please understand that this is the Natural Kyusho Jitsu Progression of learning.

ANd also thank you for taking time to read the Natural Kyusho Jitsu Progression of Learning.


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