Kyusho Principle called Tempo. How harmony in movement assure victory

* Kyusho Principle called Tempo

Kyusho Principle called Tempo: If you cannot dance your cannot fight! What the hell is supposed to mean? Tempo is like all Kyusho principles, it is much more complex than people think. And I have recently had some real enlightenment when it comes to this principle. 

I have an in depth video on the subject in my 15 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu Video Course.

But today while I know this is great information, there is MUCH more to learn. 

A Kyusho Principle called Tempo. Have you ever watched martial artist train? Now I realize you since you are reading this are a martial artist and train. But have you sat and watched? Free sparring, self defense and even kata?

It is chaos! Students running into each other, falling, you name it! I recall back in the 80's when I competed ending up falling on chairs because of something I was they to do and lost balance. 

Kyusho Principle called Tempo

If you cannot dance you cannot fight. This was something my first teacher Master Philip Hollohan told me. And this man could dance! WOW! Born and raised in Newfoundland Canada dancing is a cultural norm there. And he was, in the Tae Kwon Do world of the 70's and early 80's, North American Grand Champion 7 years running. Now Master Hollohan understood these natural laws and this was why he was so amazing. 

And you know I am not big on sport, but on the street this man was also devastating. What the video below. Watch the interplay of these ice dancers.

So what does this have to do with martial arts and Kyusho? These skaters respond to each others movement. The man leads, the woman responds. That is how they accomplish this. Martial Artists react to each others movement, which is out of tempo. If they were trained in a preparatory martial art, and not a reactionary martial art then they would understand the natural laws of motion, which would UNLOCK the opportunity for pressure points strikes using the correct temp. Because the Kyusho Principle called Tempo would simply happen. 

Now isn't that interesting?

Kyusho Principle called Tempo - In Conclusion

Kyusho Principle called Tempo CONCLUSION

The reason for this article is more to get you thinking. How complete is your training? I teach Kyusho Jitsu because the majority of martial arts are far from complete.  

And Kyusho Jitsu while very important is only part of this equation.

But this is not for everyone. I really wish it was. If you want to learn more about natural laws there is a free video below that will get you started. This understanding, these teachings will take you Kyusho to a very different level. 

Thank you for taking time to read Kyusho Principle called Tempo!


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