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Kyusho Pressure Point Science

Kyusho Pressure Point Science

The ability to succeed in your Kyusho Pressure Point Science study has a very clear path. Today I am going to help you to get a solid understanding of how this all works and you can be successful. 

The best way to learn is to follow "systems." Failure to follow a system makes the study of Kyusho Pressure Point Science far more of a challenge. The reason is that you may develop a tendency to not give enough attention to certain topics, and too much to others. 

Kyusho Pressure Point Science - Tip #1

Never ever listen to the opinions of people who have not successfully done the work! Failures in life, and this is the majority of people always want to keep you down with at a level with them. Surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart. 

Kyusho Jitsu Instructor Certification Spain

I have a lot of personal experience with these kinds of situations and have had to remove people from my life to pursue my own goals. My closest friend in life decided he objected to my path in life and cut off all ties with me. Which is fine. I need to walk this path and someone who cannot support me is not a friend!

Things in life change and if you can accept that you will do much better in the long run!

Kyusho Pressure Point Science - Tip #2

In order to succeed in your Kyusho Pressure Point Science study you must set time aside for study. It is like training in the Dojo. If you do not dedicate time to it you will not succeed! After almost 35 years in the martial arts world do you know how many times I have heard "if I had stuck with it would be a ...10th Dan now." And they say it like somehow it actually means something?

The only path to success is work. No one is entitled to anything despite what today's ridiculous ideologies like to preach. 

Time Kyusho Pressure Point Science

Make sure you disciple yourself and set time aside daily for study! Even 10 minutes at first is fine!

Truth: When someone says they have no time it means they do not want to! 

Kyusho Pressure Point Science - Tip #3

Reverse engineer your striking for the areas that you would normally hit in your root art!

The Pressure Point Stomach 5

Don't try to find pressure points to hit! I know this sounds odd. However it is only logical. So how do you do it? Take a look at the techniques in your root art, see where are are targeting. 

As an example someone with a system that targets the head with strikes. See what part of the head you are striking, then see what pressure points are there, and learn about those.

This way you will come up with some favorites right away. As an example in my root art of Hapkido we did not target the back of the head. Therefore GB-20 was not at that time on my list of pressure points targets, but ST-05 was!

At the end of this post I have a special free report for you on the 10 Most Painful Pressure Points on the body. Download it, and it will help you!

Kyusho Pressure Point Science - Tip #4

The Cycle of Destruction

Learn the basic principles first! Leave the advanced materials until you feel confident with the basics. This way you do not get confused and frustrated. The 1st Five beginners principles lead into the advanced.  They complete a picture. So take your time and learn them well!

In Conclusion - Tip #5

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Reference materials! You need reference materials.  Not a lot necessarily, but leaving this type of study to memory is difficult unless you are the kind of person with an Eidetic Memory or great study skills. 

Here are 2 suggestions, one FREE the second requires a small investment in your education. 

My quetion is, will you take advantage of at least the FREE offer for the Novice Kyusho Jitsu Certification Workbook? Give me a HELL YES in the comment here

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