Kyusho Jitsu Energy Trapping. How to Lock Energy Inside.

* Kyusho Jitsu Energy Trapping

Kyusho Jitsu Energy Trapping. How to Lock Energy Inside the body to get the very best possible result from a pressure point strike. 

Have you ever laid down on your arm and woke up with it "asleep?" You cannot move it? Or even feel it? The arm just kinda hangs there like it is dead? And the as it recovers you get that terrible "pins and needles" feeling. Sometimes that is even very painful!

But it is NOT what mom told you. You did not cut off the blood flow to the hand. You cannot do that.

The artery runs between the bones of the forearm. Therefore is not affected by this. So, what happened? You seal the energy flow in the arm. Cut it off at the elbow. You used Kyusho Jitsu Energy Trapping and did not even realize it!

Kyusho Jitsu Energy Trapping

The human body is a biological electromagnetic suit.  And it is subject to interference. Even sitting in one place too long can cause flow to increase in one area and decrease in another area of the body.  This even has overall health implications. While lying on your arm you simply "shorted out" the energy flow. There is a much more detailed explanation, but that one will due for now.

So what if you could cause this in a martial art / street scenario? With PROPER training, hard and dedicated training yes you can. But there is a specific method. 

Striking pressure points can have a great effect on the function of the body. But if the conditions are wrong then you will not get the results. As an example a neurological knockout. What causes these to fail? First, and the linked article goes into much more details, is bad body mechanics

Also if the opponent sees the strike. This allows the body to compensate, to protect and defend itself. This is why understand cloaking of techniques is so essential. Even during a demonstration.  But if you seal the energy you are actually correcting the other problems.

In Conclusion - Kyusho Jitsu Energy Trapping

Kyusho Jitsu Energy Trapping CONCLUSION

Kyusho Jitsu Energy Trapping. It works, and yields devastating results. But you have to do the study.

And it is a serious study. This is one reason I am creating a video course on this subject. You can learn more about the course below. 

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