Finding Pressure Points in Kata. What is the best practice?

* Finding Pressure Points in Kata

Finding Pressure Points in Kata. What is the best practice? There are many different views on this subject. So let's explore this topic today! Personally I love Kata, all Kata. But many people only look at these forms from a very superficial way.

They memorize the movement and then go on to the next Kata. It is treated today like a gymnastic floor routine. And that is too bad.

Kata has so much to offer. If you understand how to look. 

People have been "interpreting" Kata for a long time. The issue is that once they see something in it, then that is the end of the search. However the number of interpretations could be almost endless.

Finding Pressure Points in Kata

Pressure Point strikes and manipulations can be found in any Kata. One I was watching today is part of "form 6" of American Kenpo. Grand Master Tatum was explaining that in one part the "radial nerve" is being pressed to release the wrist and hand, thus stripping a weapon. He is of course referring to LI-10. And this is 100 percent correct. 

Now this was, as he stated how Mr Parker had designed the form. But could more be seen? Most certainly! But you have to learn "how to see" and what to look for. Martial Artists who do interpret are often focused only on what they are doing, and not paying attention to what the opponent is doing. When finding pressure points in Kata both have to be analyzed. 

And you must also expand the way in which you are preforming the Kata. Perhaps doing to slow so you can feel all the motion that is within. Today there is an illusion in the arts because of incomplete training of standing and fighting. Also that the attacker punches once and stops suspended in motion. That is OK for white and yellow belts. But this must be evolved to a much higher level. And no free sparring is not the answer like many believe.

Finding Pressure Points in Kata

Nothing about Kata training should be rushed. And it is an error to think you have all the answers. I am still learning things from BASIC Kata in my own system. There should never a one size fits all. Nor should there be ONE answer.

That is an absolute! And there are NO absolutes, except the Vodka!

The other day I was asked for some information in a Zoom call and was quickly and very rudely told I was DEAD wrong. "This will never happen" was her closed minded comment. In October of 1989 if I said the Berlin Wall would fall people would balk at me. Then on November 9th 1989 the unbelievably happened. The Berlin Wall fell. So did the USSR and communism in my home of Romania. 

In Conclusion - Finding Pressure Points in Kata

Finding Pressure Points in Kata CONCLUSION

If your mind is closed as a martial artist to anything you will stop progressing. Karateka, martial artist should be the most open minded people in the world.

And if you begin to truly explore your Kata, finding pressure points in Kata you will discover more than I can tell you.

I have a course below where I can help you. But that is up to you. Just train hard and continue to learn from someone. 

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