Principle of Correct Body Alignments, What makes this so important?

* Principle of Correct Body Alignments

Principle of Correct Body Alignments. The way I teach Kyusho Jitsu there are 15 Principles. And I give a good foundation for people to develop skills in these principles.

I have done many different articles and videos on each of these principles also. One great example is my 15 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu Video Course set.

From this most students figure things out and get pretty good. But there is one principle that seems to be the stumbling block for many. That is the principle of Body Mechanics. 

Recently I was wrapping up the taping of a video course called Kosho Octagon Concepts: Beyond 12-6-3 when I made a statement to a long time student and friend Master Philip Welch. I said "it is funny how the 4th principle of Kyusho is the most ignore and is actually a complete art unto itself."

Principle of Correct Body Alignments

And I realized at this point the great shortfall of so many Kyusho students. And that is the 4th Principle Body Mechanics. Myself I have been focusing on Body Mechanics for decades. But that was the direction my study was taking.

Why is this so important? The Principle of Correct Body Alignments?

Because without correct body alignments you must rely on blunt trauma to get the job done. This means BIG movements. And these movements can be seen and countered easy. Blunt trauma also commits you to the movement, if you miss you are vulnerable. When you understand body mechanics you use small motions, that yields much more power naturally. And the bonus, the opponent does not have time to react and counter.

Principle of Correct Body Alignments - How to Correct this?

Kyusho Jitsu Stances Work

The way to correct bad body mechanics is to first start to analyse motion. Check stances for triangulation. And you also need to determine if the movement into the stance support the action of the upper base.

As an example a "Horse Stance" while exciting a middle punch is BAD body mechanics.

The energy expelled will push the body off balance. So why then it it taught? Why is it in a Kata? Because that is a teaching base on concepts. And 99% of martial artist do not explore their Kata. They only perform them. Thus they cannot see what is really happening. 

Also Kata tend to only be practiced in a robotic blockie manner.  When this is the only method of training nothing will be seen. I have a course discussing this called Pressure point Fighting: from Kata to Street. This course cover this entire idea of training Kata correctly in many different ways.

Martial Arts training is about personal growth. If you are not constantly working to progress then you are regressing.

In Conclusion - Principle of Correct Body Alignments

Principle of Correct Body Alignments CONCLUSION

In a demonstration this means that because everything aligns you get the result without power.

On the street it means you get a devastating result, without looking like you were trying to take the guy head off! 

And because appearance, optics matter, if this ends up in a courtroom your self defense plea will not be thrown out. So now I will focus on a new book on teaching body mechanics in depth to Kyusho students.

Thank you for reading Principle of Correct Body Alignments. I hope it was helpful for you!


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Pressure Point Fighting: From Kata to Street

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