Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training

Kyusho Jitsu Training

* Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training

So what are the benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training, aside from the 'self defense" aspects.

If we are honest every action we take in life has selfish motives. Even some of the most "altruistic" examples give us pleasure and this is a big driving force. Martial Arts training as an example is a very selfish act. And one with so many benefits!

And you know what that is a good thing! 

#1- Kyusho Jitsu Training - The Root Art

Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training

My root art is Hapkido. I began my training in 1984 and loved it from day one. Setting goals to reach my Black Belt and beyond was easy. And I was not a goal setter at first, but that developed quickly! Because I wanted that Black Belt. And because it stood for personal achievement. I was a quitter in many things in life. 

After I founded my school in 2000 which is named Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute i realized that if I did not do something the learning would truly STOP. And I did not want to stop learning!

This was the main reason I had left my instructor.  We sat in the office and talked while others ran class. I was dying of stagnation!

Then I found Kyusho Jitsu! It revealed to me things locked inside the movements of my root art I had no idea existed.  My self defense training became more effective and I discovered things in my Kata I had not idea where there!

And then I really began to see things clearly and it changed how I looked at every aspect of my martial art training. But then you have heard this before! After all this is one of the major selling points of Kyusho Jitsu.

#2 Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training - Healing

The next thing I discovered as I progress in the science of pressure point self defense, and my knowledge of the anatomy grew was that I could help students out with different pain and injury.

This was done with a combination of Chi Work and pressure point manipulation. 

The restoration of the natural flow of body energy. For me this was HUGE! This allowed me to use my training partners longer, and still have them be fit for work the next day. 

Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training

I also noticed because of the extensive Chi work, like creating and controlling a Chi Ball my personal health improved. My pain tolerance increased dramatically and so did my focus.

#3 - Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training - The Brain

Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training

After I began my martial arts training I discovered how much I wanted to learn about other things. But when I began in Kyusho this became an unquenchable thirst. Many people refer to my knowledge of Kyusho Jitsu as being clinical, like a doctor.

It drove me to want to organize the information and write books that I could share with the world. I already had a passion for the study of the spiritual, which I had been involved in for better than 10 years at this point. This was Buddhism to be exact. 

However I began to see the connection between the mind, the brain, science and spirituality. And with Kyusho Jitsu being the study of the energy pathways of the body, as well as the neurological systems and therefore the brain,  this all came together for me.

This led me to even realize the methods I had learned to help me study had a massive impact on every aspect of my life. Including my memory and cognitive functions. 

So let's explore this idea a little more!

#4 Linguistic Skills

If you follow the path I have set in the KJWA you will develop better linguistic skills. So what do I mean by this? First of all Linguistics is the study of language. Linguistics of course being the study of words and language. One way to build your intelligence is to try to learn a new word everyday. With Kyusho study, you can do this easily!

What words are these? The way I teach the information, the understanding of human anatomy you learn the correct names of the different parts of the body. An example would be when discussing GB-24 and talking about "intercostal space."

#5 Copious Notes

Successful Kyusho Jitsu Study

I encourage everyone to take "copious notes" during their study. Not to just read the materials, or watch the videos, but to take hand written notes with pen and paper and not on your device. 

Why? Because hand written notes increases memory. The act of writing things, slowly and neatly is proven to increase retention of materials by the brain. Hand written, not printing has many benefits. And to my mind written is the most important and beneficial one!

Now I have heard that when dealing with conceptional topics, and Kyusho Jitsu has a lot of Concepts and Theories that retention improves up to 60% more than using a laptop. Here is a link to study talking about this.

#6 Reading

In today technological world reading is becoming a lost art! From a marketing standpoint I should not be typing all this information out for you to read. 

I should do a video! But the benefits of reading are just too great for me not to write this out!

Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training

Here are some Benefits to Reading: These are from this article.

  • Increased Intelligence
  • Boost Cognitive Brain Power
  • It may help fight Alzheimer’s disease

And this to me is the big one! There is much scientific evidence that reading can help prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease. 

This is one I personally believe is critical. My mother, who passed away at 96 in 2015 was an avid reader. She had read likely several thousand books in her lifetime. I always saw her with a book!

And at 96 she still had ALL of her MENTAL FACULTIES|

How do I know this for sure? Well for one I took care of her in last years of life, which included her palliative care. She was assessed when she decided on her final requests not to be resuscitated and the doctors were shocked at her still fully functional mind.

I don't think there could be any greater benefit!

#7 Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training - Self Defense

Pressure Point Art of Self Defense

With all that being said, there are many other ways to get the benefits listed above. But, since we are all martial artists, and I hope concerned about personal safety and self defense, Kyusho Jitsu is the great path!

You can get all of the above, and increase your self defense / martial art effectiveness and odds of survival during a street attack.

Why would you not do this?

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

So how do you get started? That is really very simple. Follow this LINK and take a look at the 3 different FREE Kyusho Jitsu Courses I am offering.

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Grand Master Art Mason

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