Pressure Point ST-17. How to cause memory loss!

* Pressure Point ST-17

Pressure Point ST-17: Today I will add another to the long list of the breakdowns of important pressure points for self defense with Pressure Point ST-17. I do suggest you also read the article on the Stomach Meridian

So now let's get down to it and have a look!

Pressure Point ST-17

This pressure point’s location is the middle of the nipple in the 4th intercostal space. So locating the pressure point is not really very difficult.

Pressure Point ST-17 And this is one nasty pressure point. Most of all it does require a “dead on” strike with medium to hard force. And surprisingly this can cause death. And this pressure point is also never needled in acupuncture for the same reason.

Very important to note that upon striking, a sensation moves up the neck on the side attacked with unconsciousness following shortly after. This sensation moves into the head before the knockout happens. And Pressure Point ST-17 is also know to cause a loss of memory.

Please do not play with this pressure point! Martial Artists, especially Kyusho Jitsu people have been know to take risks. It is not your life you are playing with but the life of the Uke. And believe me, none of us are as talented as we like to believe. I have seen many bad knockouts that resulted in illness in the Uke.

Pressure Point ST-17 - In Conclusion

Pressure Point ST-17 CONCLUSION

I give this article to the public for educational purposes. I hope everyone reading has enough common sense to know that striking an Uke will have results.

I know of one who was ill for months after a strike. And there was no reason for this either!

Also make sure before you work with Kyusho Jitsu Pressure Points you understand the art of Resuscitation

Thank you for reading Pressure Point ST-17!

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