Pressure Point LI-11. How to cause anxiety in an attacker?

* Pressure Point LI-11

Pressure Point LI-11: The final article in the series on the different pressure points of the body I conclude with Large Intestine 11.  I do suggest you read the article on the Large Intestine Meridian also.

This has been a great series to write and if you want more information on the pressure points of the body I suggest getting my book called Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

This book breaks down each of the 361 pressure points on the body. 

Pressure Point LI-11

Pressure Point LI-11 is with the elbow flexed, located in the depression at lateral the end of the transverse cubital crease. And also midway between LU-05 and the lateral epicondyle of the Humerus Bone. Plus on the radial aspect of the elbow at the origin of the extensor carpi radialis muscle. And the radial side of the brachioradialis muscle.

Hitting this pressure point can cause permanent damage to the elbow as it is located directly on the joint. A blow here also can weaken other joints on the body. When used in an aspect, this pressure point is used to calm the person down.  Attacking it can cause the opposite effect which is anxiety. This pressure point also can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Very important to note is that LI-11 is is an Underlying Indicator Point.

Pressure Point LI-11 - In Conclusion

Pressure Point LI-11 CONCLUSION

I have really enjoyed doing this very long series. And I thank you for reading and sharing these articles with like minded friends.

If you prefer an online reference to all the pressure points on the body versus a book then checkout my Online Kyusho Jitsu Encyclopedia

Thank you for reading Pressure Point LI-11. This is a very important series, and I hope you will read them all!


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