Pressure Point GB-06. Why striking the head is best?

* Pressure Point GB-06

Pressure Point GB-06: Today as my series on different pressure points of the body I am going to focus on Pressure Point GB-06. This is a very unusual and powerful pressure point as you are about see. 

In my view Kyusho Jitsu is a study. It requires time and dedication to learn. You also need to be open to possibilities. If you mind is closed, and you believe you are a expert in all things martial arts then what I teach is not for you.

If you are open minded and eager to learn. You have come to the right place.

So lets start!

Pressure Point GB-06

* Pressure Point GB-06

This pressure point located on the hairline between GB-05 and GB-07.

Legends of Dim Mak has been spoken of in folklore for centuries, but there are medical reasons why it gets its results. There is a small artery called the "Middle Meningeal artery" on the side of the head around this pressure point. What makes this area so dangerous is a strike can rupture the artery causing blood to seep into the skull and brain.

It will be a slow process and can result in death within a few days. When the artery is damaged it shows up in the eyes as different sized pupils. There is also an electric shock present after the strike and a knockout will occur with little effort.

This point is getting close to a point just above the ear which is a major Dim Mak pressure point. Therefore it is important NOT to use this pressure point for demonstration purposes! Death can result very easily!

I get questions often about how to reverse damage from a pressure point strike. It is important to understand some strikes are like gun shots. They cannot be revered! This, Pressure Point GB-06 is one such point. 

Pressure Point GB-06 - In Conclusion

Pressure Point GB-06 CONCLUSION

At this time I have done dozens of articles on specific pressure points. And these articles have been very popular. This blog is dedicated to helping martial artist learn Kyusho Jitsu without high costs.

And this blog is likely the best free resource for the study of the science of pressure points in the world. 

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