Pressure Point BL-13. Another Important Alarm Point.

* Pressure Point BL-13

Pressure Point BL-13: Today I am looking at a very important pressure point which is Associated Alarm Point BL-13. Also check my article on the Bladder Meridian. And also Associated Alarm Points

Pressure Point BL-13

Pressure Point BL-13 is found 1.5 cun lateral to the lower border of the 3rd thoracic vertebra. Most of all this is a very dangerous pressure point as it is the Associated Alarm Point for the Lungs.

Associated Alarm Points, which are all found on the Bladder Meridian on the right side of the body, are extremely dangerous as they relate directly to the neurological aspect of the organ they represent. Most of all Striking this pressure point will cause a knockout, breathing issues and potentially shut off the Lungs resulting in death.

Thus I strongly suggest you read my article on Kyusho Resuscitation and take my Kyusho Jitsu Chi Resuscitation Certification Course. And I have always taught resuscitation in depth in my Kyusho study groups. But the issue with students today is they learn something and believe there is no need for further study.

Very important to note this idea is very wrong. Memorization is NOT learning. Yes it is part of the learning path however training in the learning, refreshing the information, and focus are major elements also. 

Pressure Point BL-13 - In Conclusion

Pressure Point BL-13 CONCLUSION

So I was asked recently what the protocol for reverse CPR was. And perhaps this former student should have paid attention in class then he would know it.

Thus when it comes to dangerous pressure points like Pressure Point BL-13 not knowing your stuff is negligent period. 

Therefore I did not answer his question. It was asked in a very snide way. I have no patience for these kinds of people any longer.  Thank you or taking time to read this article on Pressure Point BL-13.


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