Self Defense – Safe Not Stupid


Self Defense - Safe Not Stupid

Self Defense - Safe Not Stupid

Self Defense - Safe Not Stupid

When I write a post like this I WISH I was talking to a small minority of people in the martial arts world. But sadly I am NOT. The number of martial artists with HORRIBLE thinking processes is very high. Now I make an assumption here because I am assuming if you read martial arts literature and posts, you are one of us. But I could be wrong. But this today leads me to discuss Self Defense - Safe Not Stupid. There is a lot of stupid.

Now maybe it is the chemicals in the food that is why people act like they do today? These chemical no matter what the "governments" say have to have a bad affect on the body. But I regress! What am I talking about specifically today? A massively stupid comment on an HPPT post on Facebook today. Why do I care? Because people who have these unbridled ego can negatively influence those who are someone lost in their thoughts.

The comment? "Come and try that shit [HPPT] in Lima Peru and you all die." Now I get idiots commenting all the time! So why am I addressing this one? Because honestly my friends this comment is BEYOND STUPID. He certainly has the right to say and think this! But I am hoping he is a 14 year old kid and not a martial arts teacher! 

Attacked Tonight on the Way Home

Avoiding BAD Situations

Self Defense - Safe Not Stupid - Why beyond stupid? 

So, what is his point of reference? What situation is this guy talking about? Do people in Lima Peru do nothing but kill each other? Why would I go there then? See the issues? He is an nut bag. "I WANT TO BE RIGHT and show everyone how smart I am!" But if he has follows, then there is a problem. Perhaps he is a gang member. Good possibility! 

Self Defense - Safe Not Stupid - Venezuela

Back in spring 2007 I found myself in trouble in one of the most violent if not the most violent, non war torn city in the world, Caracas Venezuela. I am not going to get into this here, however if you wish to read more follow this link.

How did I survive this issue? First of all I was smart enough to realize I had a problem, and just how bad that problem was! I had also done research on what happens in Caracas and was PREPARED.  A combination of being alert, smart, prepared and REAL self defense training to back it up. I did not go in like an full blown MORON looking for trouble!

Misconceptions about Gun Defense

Self Defense - Safe Not Stupid

Self Defense is NOT COMBAT. There is NO martial art system for COMBAT.  Go join the military if you want this! Plus, since are speaking English here learn the definition of words, and what they mean matters. Self Defense is NOT A FIGHT, not an MMA event, and certainly NOT COMBAT.

Self Defense is dealing with a bad situation, that may or has already turned violent. It is about being SAFE, getting out and letting the authorities deal with it! The ONLY WINNING is survival! And if I did not live in one of the most peaceful non violent places in the world I would carry a weapon, and be trained to use it as backup! 

In Canada I carried a knife, ALWAYS. However because I do not let my EGO dictate my actions I never needed to use it!

Self Defense is Critical

Developing a solid self defense plan in today's rather insane world is critical. I have seen to many people let their ego's get in the way. In fact I know of one person personally who was killed because he was STUPID. A tragic waste of life! 

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

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Thank you for reading our article "Self Defense - Safe Not Stupid." Most of all be safe, be smart and training hard!

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Self Defense - Safe Not Stupid - Self Defense is NOT COMBAT
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Self Defense - Safe Not Stupid - Self Defense is NOT COMBAT
Self Defense - Safe Not Stupid. There's a misconception today that self defense and combat are related. Understanding the difference can save your life.
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